Plot nbsp The story is all about a 12-year-old boy named Auro played by Amitabh Bachchan who is diagnosed at birth to have a serious condition named Proger

Paa Movie Review

Paa Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Paa"
Runtime: 2 Hours 13 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 04-12-2003
Genre: Drama, Family
4 / 5.0

Plot:  The story is all about a 12-year-old boy, named Auro, played by Amitabh Bachchan, who is diagnosed at birth to have a serious condition named Progeria wherein you age five times the rate of the average pace. His mother, Vidya, played by Vidya Balan, is a gynecologist who is separated from Auro’s father, Amol Arte, played by Abhishek Bachchan, who doesn’t know about Auro as he wanted Vidya to abort the child when she became pregnant. Amol does this as he has big and defined missions as a politician and doesn’t intend to impede the same. The story goes about Auro’s life, the health issues he faces and how in this course Vidya and Amol come closer.

Star performances: Amitabh Bachchan stole the show and mesmerized the viewers by his outstanding performance as a 12-year-old progeric lad which is difficult to fit into the frame till you actually watch the film. Abhishek Bachchan delivered quite a delicate act by playing a charismatic politician. Vidya Balan, as usual, has done an excellent job in being Auro’s mother, and her screenplay was appreciable.

What is there? 1. The necessary and sufficient reason for one to watch the film is the unbelievable presence of Amitabh Bachchan who sets new standards for the upcoming and existing Bollywood stars by proving his talent once again 2. The realistic nature of the movie raised its standard to an all new level owing to the on-screen performance of all the most famous stars of Indian film industry. 3. The on-screen chemistry of Vidya Balan and Abhishek is pretty impressive 4. The songs of the movie are bubbly and sweet enough to please the crowd.

What is not there? The movie, very surprisingly, did not succeed enough in moving the crowd although it had great potential as far as the story and purpose of the movie is concerned.

Verdict: This movie is not cliché neither mainstream. It has a very realistic and interesting story, and the outstanding and impressive performance of Amitabh Bachchan is definitely worth a watch.