Plot Absolutely there is nothing well in this movie Inder s parents have a broken marriage and also burdened with debts And above all a don chases them T

All Is Well Movie Review

All Is Well Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " All Is Well"
Runtime: 2 Hours 05 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 21-08-2015
Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy
2.5 / 5.0

Plot: Absolutely there is nothing well in this movie! Inder’s parents have a broken marriage and also burdened with debts. And above all, a don chases them. That is ‘All is Well ‘ all about. Quit silly and meaningless movie. The story is all about a son Inder( Abhishek Bachchan who sees his parents, Bahjanlal Bhalla( Rishi Kappoor) and Pammi( Supriya Pahtak) always quarreling and finally the mother and father have been separated.

 So, he comes out of this stormy marriage affairs of his parents and leaves for Thailand to make a promising singing career. Here he meets Nimmi(Asin) but hates to talk about marriage with her. So Nimmi leaves for India for an arranged marriage. Inder too follows her, but on different mission. Inder goes to India to sign property papers which he needs to repay the Don Cheema( Mohammed Zeeshan). 

The script is crass and not funny either. So it is not sensual either. There is nothing good in the film and it is totally boring.. The film is waster for actors like Rishi Kapoor and Supriya Pathak. Asin looks glamours as Thai girl but has no scope for showing her talent. Abhishek Bachchan should not sign any film that comes in his way. He has to be cautious too. The plot is shown in flashback. We see Abhishek’s troubled childhood days. As a child, he finds a lot of bitterness in his mind. Thanks to his parents constant quarrel. The plot strengthens on bad U-turn when Cheema yaws to take over Inder’s parental house and the bakery. Does he? Sonakshi Sinha does an item number which is relay hit, but it does not save the film from its flaws.. Talented actor Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub is only character who is impressive.

Cast: Abhishek Bachchan as Inder

          Asin as Nimmi 

          Mohammed Zeeshan as Cheema 

          Rishi Kappoor as Bahjanlal Bhalla 

Supriya Pathak as Pammi