Plot Won t people allow us to bury the hatchet Can t the past be buried forever This is the question that lead actress of the film Robyn has to the aud

The Gift - Not Every Gift Is Welcome Movie Review

The Gift - Not Every Gift Is Welcome English
Review for the film " The Gift"
Runtime: 1 Hour 48 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 07-08-2015
Genre: Thriller, Suspense
4.1 / 5.0

Plot: Won’t people allow us to bury the hatchet? Can’t the past be buried forever? This is the question that lead actress of the film, Robyn, has to the audience. 

 A young married couple (Simon and Robyn) lead a happy life until an acquaintance (Gordo), who was the classmate of Simon, plays spoilsport. Simon and Gordo have a poisonous past. Simon was not able to recognize Gordo at the beginning but when things turn ghastly, with a string of uninvited meetings with Gordo, and strange gifts adding to the agony, a horrendous secret is unfolded after nearly two decades. 

This film is of the genre suspense and mystery. Joel Edgerton has not only directed and written the film but also acted in the film. Edgerton has very well understood the pulse of the audience and succeeds in maintaining the temperament of tension throughout the film.

 What Gordo expects from Simon forms the crux of the story. Bringing misfortune in the lives of others is one issue, but how it is justified is another issue. The audience is slowly presented to the intentions of Gordo. The portrayal of Hall and Bateman show prowess. Bateman, better known as a comedian, gives an outstanding and dedicated performance. And for Rebecca, she is candid and sympathetic. She is also too naïve and gullible. She gets to see the other side of her husband when Edgerton enters. Edgerton underplays his role; he cannot be classified as excessively villainous. He is of a peculiar character. 

The Gift has a brilliant script; what happens when a third party intervenes in the life of a happily married couple and brings forth a feeling of insecurity and pondering over the marriage. Gordo infuses a strange tension in the atmosphere. The tension that is spread has a ghastly effect on the couple. Edgerton is indeed a skilled director and Hollywood needs more such projects from him. He has understood the nuances of cinematic suspense and has given us a wonderful gift.

The real matter is unveiled only at the fag end of the film and this is where The Gift succeeds. According to hard-core critics the mystery of the past between Simon and Gordo may not be worth the suspense, but still this film is a must watch for its portrayals.

Cast: Jason Bateman as Simon Callum

          Rebecca Hall as Robyn Callum

Joel Edgerton as Gordon "Gordo" Mosley

         Tim Griffin as Kevin "KK" Keelor

          Beau Knapp as Detective Walker

         Katie Aselton as Joan

         David Denman as Greg

         Busy Philipps as Duffy

Wendell Pierce as Detective Mills

Allison Tolman as Lucy

         Dylan Samuelson as Lil Ronny MF

         P.J. Byrne as Danny McDonald