Plot In the following of Superman 39 s demise intelligence agent Amanda Wallerrecruits a gang of deadly criminals mdash the maniacal Harley Quinn first-clas

Suicide Squad Movie Review

Suicide Squad Movie Review English
Movie story for the film "Suicide Squad"
Runtime: 2 Hours 03 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 05-08-2016
Genre: Action
3.5 / 5.0



  • Producer:
  • Charles Roven
  • Richard Suckle
  • Director:
  • Movie-Actor:
  • Martin Kessler
  • Joel Lacoursiere
  • Joe Warshaw
  • Jesse Eisenberg
  • Jeff Ellenberger
  • Jay Hernandez
  • Jasmine Sean
  • Jared Leto
  • Jamie Dodd
  • Jameson Kraemer
  • James Chilli Chillingworth
  • Jai Courtney
  • Jackie Earle Haley
  • Melanie Hubert
  • Melissa Lem
  • Will Smith
  • Viola Davis
  • Tony Watt
  • Tazito Garcia
  • Taylor Whittaker
  • Shawn J Hamilton
  • Shane Jarvis
  • Sergio Kato
  • Sabine Mondestin
  • Reid Eastwood
  • Raffi Atamian
  • Murray Urquhart
  • Michael Murray Scratch
  • Ike Barinholtz
  • Ho Chow
  • Heather Byrne
  • Corey Chainey
  • Cara Delevingne
  • Brianna Goldie
  • Attila Sebesy
  • Alex Meraz
  • Alain Chanoine
  • Agueda Cardenas
  • Margot Robbie
  • Joel Kinnaman
  • Alisha Phillips
  • Corina Calderon
  • Dan Petronijevic
  • Gavin R Downes
  • Frank J Zupancic
  • Ed Harris
  • Dwight Ireland
  • Drew Moss
  • Dexter Howe
  • Darryl Quon
  • Devlin Anderson
  • Derek Perks
  • David Ingram
  • First Assistant Director:
  • Bruce Franklin
  • Second Assistant Director:
  • Penny Charter
  • Co-Producer:
  • Andy Horwitz
  • Alex Ott
  • Assistant Director:
  • Jonathan Gajewski
  • Adam Richard Benish

Plot: In the following of Superman's demise, intelligence agent Amanda Wallerrecruits a gang of deadly criminals—the maniacal Harley Quinn; first-class hit man Deadshot; pyrokinetic ex-gangster El Diablo; conniving thief Captain Boomerang; dreadful cannibal Killer Croc; and specialized mercenarySlipknot—at Belle Reve Penitentiary and places them under the captainship of Colonel Rick Flag, to be used as the expendable property in high-risk missions for the United States government. Each member has a nano-bomb embedded in their head, programmed to explode should any member try to escape or rebel.

One of Waller's intentional recruits is Flag's girlfriend, Dr. June Moone, an archaeologist who is under the possession of a witch-goddess known as "Enchantress", after touching a cursed idol. She quickly goes out of control, determined to exterminate humankind for having shut her. She seizes Midway City with a troop of monsters and calls her brother, Incubus, to help her. Waller then launches the squad to extricate a high-profile target from Midway, and Flag warns them that Enchantress' heart should be mandatorily cut out of her to gain control over her. After their departure, they are joined forces by Katana, who brandishes a mystic sword and operates as Flag's bodyguard. Harley's sweetheart, the Joker, finds out about her intentions and torments one of Waller's men to show him the way into the facility where they made the bombs, where he intimidates one of the scientists involved in the operation into disarming Harley's bomb.

Realizing that the squad is approaching, Enchantress blows up their helicopter, forcing them to advance on foot to their mark. On the way, Boomerang brainwashes Slipknot into believing that the bombs are a ploy meant to keep them under control. Slipknot tries to flee and is killed, while Enchantress' minions plagues the team. The team manages to escape to their ultimate destination at an underground bunker, they learn that their target is Waller herself, who is trying to cover up her involvement. The squad accompanies Waller to the rooftop for rescue, but the approaching helicopter has been seized by the Joker and his henchmen, who open fire on them. Harley climbs aboard. However, the helicopter is torn apart by Waller's men and Harley escapes while the Joker appears toperish in the explosion, after which Harley joins the team again.Aware of Waller's spot, Enchantress' minions arrive and abduct her. With Waller absent, Flag frees the team of the mission but is determined to continue.

Realizing they have a chance to prove their worth, they soon rejoin him and track down Enchantress and Waller at a flooded subway station. Killer Croc dives underwater to place a bomb below Incubus while the others fight and distract the Enchantress and her forces. El Diablo wields his skills to force Incubus down as the bomb explodes underneath, ending them both. The members fight off Enchantress together, but are finallydefeated. Enchantress offers to satisfy their deepest wishes in a deal for their allegiance and Harley fakes interest trying to get near enough to cut out Enchantress' heart. Just after, Killer Croc throws bombs into the portal as Deadshot shoots them, closing it. Flag crushes Enchantress' heart , killing her and freeing Moone.

The members are then returned to Belle Reve, but with ten years abetted from their terms and special privileges. Soonafterward, the Joker, who survived the mishap, arrives with his gang to rescue Harley. In a mid-credits scene, Waller meets Bruce Wayne, who agrees to her protection from the backfire of Enchantress' rampage in exchange for the government's files on the increasing meta-human population. Waller hints to Wayne's hidden identity as Batman, while he gives her his word that his new friendswill take care of things from then on.

Analysis: If Batman v Superman was crushed under the burden of its contradictory goals and ambitions, then Suicide Squad trips on its own feet and hardly bothers to gather itself together. This is a movie where the first act consists of the same scene being done several times again. The first time we see Amanda Waller trying to make the government see her intentions - that she intends to make a squad of super villains to deal meta-human menace is interesting. The fourth or fifth term, filled with repeated prefaces for the core members. Will Smith gets at least three inaugural scenes, becomes an unintended comedy. Still, these junctures are the attractions of the film. Almost all of the offbeat, cool, creepy moments shown in the trailers are from what adds to a series of prologues and original story flashbacks.

The catchy flashbacks are the best portions of the movie. Once the squad lands up in trouble, and with the warning that the plot is already in a mess at this point, the picture turns into a video game. The devilish Enchantress transfigures humans into a mass of flesh puddle.Cara Delevigne introduced earlier with some wacky horror beats but then gets stranded in an evil character with some comic moments and no real menace.These lets Suicide Squad to shoot, slash and explode troops of enemies without endangering that PG-13.

This type of portrayal also means we are going to watch anti-heroes butchering innocent onlookers’ enmasse. The film never actually points on that small detail, but it makes the actions relatively less fun. For all the hype about the baddies being the saviours, their “evil” backdrop is almost unnecessary for the course of this particular story. The fact that these guys and girls are villains is almost forgotten since they never actually sign up in any trickery while on the mission.

Star Performance: To be honest, many of the squad members take a backseat. Robbie’s Harley Quinn, Smith’s Deadshot and Joel Kinnaman’s Rick Flag take the limelight. Hernandez’s Diablo gets an appalling backstory. Viola Davis almost steals the show before she mostly evaporates in the latter half. The rest of the actors almost dissipates into the background. Luckily, Smith plays up to the expectation. There is a definite “connected universe” suspense in an early flashback, where he meets Affleck’s Batman.

Robbie enjoys as much as she can although it’s not her movie even if we tryand wish for it. She’s a firework for sure, but she is honestly underused taking into account how much Quinn brings to the stage. The film doesn’t even try to scrape the surface regarding her relationship with Joker. Leto’s Joker rarely makes an appearance which is a good thing and a bad thing both. It’s good that he isn’t permitted to take over the movie. But on account of the weak villains, it is almost a pity that Ayer didn’t put up Joker as the main antagonist for narration efficiency.

What’s there? The bulk of the film is such a drag of “anti-heroes mauling down CGI ” and “anti-heroes slow motioning through a deserted city” that you earnestly look forward to Leto’s flash appearances just for the change in frame. The film is clearly a scapegoat of reshoots and post-production mess. There are ample moments in the trailer that aren’t in the movie. There are contradicting details, and the whole movie has a sensation of enforced idea.

The continuous soundtracks appear to work as a celebrated duct tape for what became the final touch. It is a narratively random affair, filled with drab action beats, a rugged plot with no tension and no suspense. The only things worth satisfying are Smith, Robbie, and Davis' performance.

What's not there? Don't expect it to be amazing as the earlier DC comic flicks. This is quite disappointing for the fans who are accustomed to the blockbusters churned out from the DC Universe.

Verdict: You can watch and enjoy it as long as you are not acquainted with the DC Universe. But if you are already a fan, then be prepared to get disappointed.