Plot Young couple Peter and Lorna are on a venture to make a documentary on the secretive cult led nbsp by the mysterious Maggie whose fraud they plan to e

Sound Of My Voice Movie Review

Sound Of My Voice Movie Review English
Review for the film " Sound of My Voice"
Runtime: 1 Hour 27 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 02-10-2012
Genre: Mystery, Sci Fi
3 / 5.0



Young couple, Peter and Lorna, are on a venture to make a documentary on the secretive cult led by the mysterious Maggie, whose fraud they plan to expose. When the cult finds the two fit to meet Maggie, they are asked to shower and dress up in a specific code. Along with the others, they meet her and exchange the special handshake. Maggie claims to be a time-traveler from 2054. She describes the state of the world then and why she is preparing a group of people. As training, she leads them through a few psychological exercises in a diplomatic manner. After a few sessions, Maggie asks Peter to get her 8-year old Abigail Pritchett. She insists that Abigail is her mother and that if they fail to do so, both of them will be dismissed. Peter agrees, but Lorna is outraged by his decision. She is approached by Carol, from the investigative department. Both of them together set a trap for Maggie. On the day that Maggie is about to meet Abigail, will Lorna succeed in her trap? How will Abigail react? What will Peter do? To answer these questions watch the movie.

The movie slowly moves the audience to complete focus although it has a slow beginning. The concept of cult leaders from the future is an interesting aspect to look at. The scenes are well portrayed and Brit Marling again emerges as a successful actress and writer. The interest level keeps on rising as the movie proceeds making the audience expect a lot from the end. Unfortunately, the vague end disappoints a large number of people. Some questions that arose in the course of the film were answered beautifully while some remain untouched.

f you wish to watch a movie that will activate your gray cells, this is the one to go for. The not so precise end will make you think and rethink over the possibilities of what could have happened, gaining momentum for a debate.