Plot Stanley Colin Firth a virtuoso is approached by his friend Howard Burkan Simon McBurney to go with him to a place where an American family lives He

Magic In The Moonlight Movie Review

Magic In The Moonlight Movie Review English
Review for the film " Magic in the Moonlight"
Runtime: 1 Hour 37 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 25-07-2014
Genre: Drama, Comedy
2.5 / 5.0



Plot: Stanley ( Colin Firth), a virtuoso, is approached by his friend Howard Burkan (Simon McBurney) to go with him to a place where an American family lives. He also says that a mystical girl in the name of Sophie( Emma Stone) lives there. He further adds up that Brice(Hamish Linklater) loves Sophie, and soon they both are going to get married and Howard suspects her. So Howard wanted Stanley to befriend her and find the suspicion on her.

Stanley finds many astonishing incidents like Sophie talking to a deceased person from that American family. He starts spending time with her by going out for long drives, visiting his Aunt Vanessa ( Eileen Atkins), etc. When Sophie touches Aunt Vanessa’s pearls, she senses Vanessa’s long lost love story behind it, and when Stanley comes to know it, he believes in Sophie. Later Sophie asks Stanley on what he thinks about her but gets depressed to know that he does not have any feelings towards her.

The next day Stanley attends a press conference to announce that someone better than him already exists. But before he could announce, he gets to know that Vanessa gets with an accident and rushes to the spot. An emotional scene takes place, and he prays to God for her recovery. But he loses hope and once again ends up with doubting Sophie on her powers. He again tries to prove the fraudulent work by her.

Stanley eavesdrops over the talk between Sophie and Howard and comes to know that he himself was the one who got fooled. Though Sophie was making tricks over the Americans, she was made to learn and get more details about Stanley. Initially, Stanley was angry on the duo, but he realizes that he has fallen in love with Sophie. She accepts his proposal, and they both embrace each other. Firth’s character was so dreary and boring, without any grace, whereas he was supposed to be suave and dashing.

Woody Allen is making movies with impressive stamina to strike the 50th position in his endeavors list. But the quality and content of the story gets weak. But how much ever weak the script or narration, maybe, Allen’s actors always give life to the movie and hold it upright.

Verdict: Allen’s spells have still got some charisma, once watchable