The American movie Conviction hit the screens in 2010 The movie happens to be a legal drama Tony Goldwyn directed the movie Pamela Gray developed the movie r

Conviction Movie Review

Conviction Movie Review English
Review for the film " Conviction"
Runtime: 1 Hour 46 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 05-11-2010
Genre: Biography, Drama
3 / 5.0



The American movie Conviction hit the screens in 2010. The movie happens to be a legal drama. Tony Goldwyn directed the movie. Pamela Gray developed the movie’s screenplay. Hilary Swank and Sam Rockwell are the important actors in the movie. The movie was screened at the International Film Festival held in Toronto. The movie hit the screens in the United States on October 15th, 2010. Sam Rockwell has done the role of Kenny, Hilary Swank has done the role of Betty Anne Waters. Minnie Driver has done the role of Betty’s friend.

Plot: The movie’s plot goes back in time to the decade of 1980’s. The plot revolves around the characters Betty and Kenny. Betty’s elder brother Kenny is slapped with charges of murder and gets life imprisonment. Betty wants the accusation to be revised. So, she takes up studies in Law College to know the loopholes. Also, Betty’s best friend comes to her aid and adds to her hope in getting back her brother.

The movie has got a strong plot, and the audiences are drawn into the story. But, the director seems to fumble a bit with the screenplay, and there is a dearth of emotion in the story. The movie has not made full use of the wonderful plot behind it. But, the discrepancies in the movie are not due to the actors in it. Actress Swank depicts the character of Betty in an exquisite manner. She proves to be a rebellious character, and her role resembles the one in Million Dollar Baby. There is genuineness in the character. She has given the most moving performance ver. The role by actor Rockwell is pretty impressive. Although he has not been nominated for any award, there is sure guarantee that he would receive one shortly. The actor can very easily project a cocktail of emotions. It is a palatable treat for fans with wonderful actors doing roles in the movie. There is one complicated question that has been left unanswered in the movie.

The question is about choosing between family relationships and other demanding pursuits in life. The movie has steered clear of the common drawbacks. But, there is nothing fresh or innovative about the movie. The true story from which the movie draws inspiration is a good one. Given the story, the moviemakers could have made the movie a better one.

Verdict: Audiences may hesitate to watch the movie on the big screen when there are a lot of other quality television serials.