Top 4 Reasons Why Kangana Ranaut Is Called The Queen Of Bollywood

Top 4 Reasons Why Kangana Ranaut Is Called The Queen Of Bollywood Hindi Article

The Hindi film industry is one that place which is always been conquered by the Heroes. The actors were given more priority than the actresses and if any actress makes a mark they usually get compared with the actors. However, in the recent times a few of the Hindi Film actresses have made a significant change in the way the people use to perceive the Heroines. They are now more propound and have been open to various forms of roles and characters. Among those few top Heroines is Kangana Ranaut. Kangana is among the most versatile actresses of the country right now and is often considered as the Queen of Bollywood. Her ability to pull off a film single handedly and make huge commercial earnings is something that has forced the industry to define her that way. In the past few years, Kangana has emerged out as the top actress of Indian Cinema. Her super duper blockbuster films like “Tanu Weds Manu”, ‘Fashion’, ‘Queen’ and “Tanu Weds Manu Returns” are among those films that has broken the ice of the contemporary films and percipience as the actor as the lead protagonist. Kangana has over the time has evolved out as the actress who conquer the silver screen as the lead protagonist. An outstanding acting skill and reality based acting is what makes her the exception and someone to be inspire of.

Following all these we have chalked down the Top 4 Reasons why Kangana Ranaut is called the Queen of Bollywood.

Kangana taking women centric films and challenge the Patriarchal norms of the society

Kangana Ranaut is one such actress who has over the time brought a change in the way the lead actresses used to work in the industry. From the past few years Kangana was seen doing films that were challenging the societal norms and was performing the character as a real protagonist than a mere actress. Her ability to break the ice and make an exception is what makes Kangana Ranaut unique and revolutionary.

Kangana Ranaut never tries to portray her the Hero of the Film

This might sound weird, but that is the truth as well. It may be a question that if the actress is doing women centric films and was playing the only lead means she is the hero of the film in current synonym terms. However, that was not true as Kangana never tries to act like a Hero; she rather evolves out as the women who fight out the odd situations of her life. All her roles like Rani in Queen, Tanu in Tanu Weds Manu and Dutto in Tanu Weds Manu Returns, where she has played the lead have never tried to portray a Hero.

Kangana Ranaut gives more priority to be Genuine than Glamorous

She is one such actress who has always been known for her genuine Sarnoff. She is the first in the industry who had graciously broken the contemporary image of an actress. She has introduced and uplifted the power of genuineness than being just another glamorous woman in the industry. Definitely, this one of the foremost reasons of her being the Queen of the Industry today as it is her genuine nature that helps her to connect with the audience to easily.

Kangana Being a Trend to the Industry’s Newcomers

Kangana Ranaut is the lady who is currently ruling the Indian Film Industry. She is one of those actresses who is more popular because of her genuine nature. She has set a trend of being a subject rather than an object to be used as a prop in the film. He is someone who has made a change in the way the lead actresses are being portrayed in the films. It is been observed that the lady has ignored doing films that needs her as an item girl making sexy moves on the dancing floor.

Recently, it was observed that more and more newcomers are making their identity appear on screen with their good roles. Many new actresses like Shraddha Kapoor who was seen taking films were she is been portrayed in a rebellious manner. The trend is surely new and will soon conquer the Film World for sure for which all thanks will go to Kangana Ranaut.