Top 10 Bollywood Films On Vengeance

Top 10 Bollywood Films On Vengeance Hindi Article

Bollywood has been creating several genres of films. They portray different kinds of stories. One such is to avenge to seek justice either with or without the help of law. Here is the list of films on vengeance. These films bring up the rage to fight back to seek revenge in return for losing loved ones.

1. Kaabil

The film Kaabil is about a blind man named Rohan Bhatnagar. He is a voice-over artist. He falls in love with Supriya, a blind woman. Amit Shellar and Wasim attack Supriya one night. They kidnap Rohan and Supriya. They keep them for thirty-six hours. Police do not believe them. Rohan finds Supriya's body hanging from the ceiling fan. Amit attacked Supriya. He finds Supriya's suicide letter. It is written that Amit had abused her twice before she committed suicide. He utilizes his voice modulation abilities to trap Amit and Wasim in locations he knows. Then he dials Madhavrao kills him and makes it look like a suicide.


2. Badlapur

The film Badlapur is about the revenge of a man for his wife and son’s death. Liaq and Harman are two friends. They rob a bank in Pune. To run away, they steal Robin and Misha's car. They are mother and son who were present in the car. Raghav is very sad when he comes to know that his wife and son are dead. They are killed by the bank robbers. He hires a private detective. Liaq is found guilty and given a prison term. Now, Raghu moves to a remote area far away from Pune. Raghu finds Harman. He becomes friendly with his wife Kanchan Khatri. Showing himself as the killer of Raghu's family, Liaq.

3. Ghajini

The film Ghajini is about the love story of a struggling model and a successful entrepreneur. They meet when Sanjay visits Kalpana to set up an advertisement for her apartment. Unknowingly, she meets the real Sanjay and asks him to act. They fall in love. He was about to tell her real identity. She knows that he is Sachin. Later, after a series of incidents, Kalpana dies. Sanjay sets out to take revenge. Ghajini kills her. She revealed his works to the media. Sanjay develops a disorder. He forgets everything after a few minutes. So, he writes as a tattoo on his body. He finally kills Ghajini.


4. Agneepath

The film Agneepath is about revenge. The people admire Deenanath Chauhan. He is an honest teacher. He has a son. But Kancha wants to establish a drug area in Mandwa. He is killed. They have Eknath Gaitonde as his guardian. Kancha agrees to Vijay's takeover of Lala's enterprise. They want an end to the crimes perpetrated by Lala's gang. But only on the condition that Gaitonde dies. Vijay murders Kancha. He destroys the island of Mandwa. He takes exact revenge for the deaths of Deenanath and Kaali.


5. Sholay

The film Sholay is about Thakur Baldev Singh. He hires Jai and Veeru to kill Gabbar Singh Click to look into! >> Read More... Gabbar Singh . He is a dacoit. He is wanted for fifty thousand. Gabbar's gang attacks the villagers during the Holi festival. Jai and Veeru save them. They promise to find Gabbar alive. Thakur says that he killed his family members. He amputated his arms. Gabbar demands that Jai and Veeru hand themselves over to him. The villagers reject him. Jai kills himself, killing Gabbar's soldiers in the process. Gabbar is attacked in his area by Veeru. He almost kills him. Thakur reminds him of his promise to bring him alive. He discovers Basanti waiting for him on the train. Gabbar is arrested by the police.


6. Baazigar

In the film Baazigar, Shah Rukh Khan Shah Rukh Khan or also known as SRK is a prominent >> Read More... Shah Rukh Khan plays the dual role of Ajay Sharma Ajay Sharma is a Hindi film as well as a televisio >> Read More... Ajay Sharma , the villain, and Vicky Malhotra, his look alike. Ajay’s father was killed by Chopra. After growing up, he wants to seek revenge. He starts a relationship with one of Chopra’s daughters named Seema. He meets Vicky, with whom Priya, the other daughter, falls in love. Now Ajay dates both women by taking advantage of his appearance. Ajay traps and kills Seema making it look like a suicide. Priya suspects and investigates with her college friend, who is a police inspector. Later he dies after a series of incidents when his identity is revealed.


7. Gangs Of Wasseypur

The film Gangs of Wasseypur is about Wasseypur and Dhanbad. It has been ruled by the Qureshi Muslims. They rob British trains. When disguised as Sultana Qureshi, Shahid Khan Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Shahid Khan is shifted from Wasseypur. Shahid is kept as a bodyguard by Ramadhir Singh. He murders him. Asgar marries Durga. In the 1980s, the Qureshi dynasty terrorizes and rapes Muslims who are not Qureshi. They become stoners. They drive the Qureishis from Wasseypur. He alters his line of work to steal iron ore. To take revenge for the death of his grandfather, Faizal kills Yadav.


8. Table No. 21

The film Table No. 21 is about a couple Vivaan and Siya Agasthi. They win a trip to Fiji. They receive an invitation from Mr. Khan to take part in Table No. 21. It is a live game show. It has many rules which are to be followed. The game becomes tougher. It harms their privacy. They keep on performing. Later it is shown that Mr. Khan is the father of Akram. He was their classmate. They ragged and tortured him during their college time. Then Akram became depressed. To take revenge, his father planned this game. They were taught a lesson.


9. Ek Villain Click to look into! >> Read More... Ek Villain

In the film Ek Villain Aisha Verma is a happy young woman. She has a fatal disease. Guru Divekar Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Guru Divekar is a strong, angry man. They fall in love. They marry. Aisha comes to know that she is expecting a baby. She plans to inform Guru face-to-face when he comes back. A lousy man named Rakesh Mahadkar kills other women just as he wishes to as he is angry. He kills Aisha. Guru now constantly runs after him. He beats him severely to punish him. Guru is shocked to find that Aisha is pregnant. When Caesar steps in to stop Rakesh from murdering Aisha's father, the Guru, Rakesh's son Manish is left for him to kill.

10. Mom

The film Mom is about a mother who fights for her daughter’s justice. She wants to take revenge. Arya is her stepdaughter. She loves her and takes care as a mom. One day when Arya was returning from a party, she is brutally beaten and raped. After recovering a little, she tells the rapists’ names. But the police do not believe her because she was drinking. The semen samples are not matching with the attackers. The rapists are relieved because the evidence is not enough. Mom decides to take the law into her hands. She one by one kills all the rapists. She is given justice.