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Madawa Urdu TV SERIALS on HUM TV
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Madawa is an Urdu series. It aired every Tuesday on the Hum TV channel at 8 pm in Pakistan. It comes under the genres of drama and soap opera. The cast includes Yumna Zaidi Yumna Zaidi is a talented Pakistani model and a te >> Read More... (Ayman), Yusra, Hina Altaf Hina Altaf started her professional life from VJ P >> Read More... , Shehzad Sheikh Shehzad Sheikh is the son of famous Indian and Pak >> Read More... , Nauman Masood, Samina Ahmad Samina is a Pakistani actress, director, producer, >> Read More... , Zara Tareen Zara Tareen is a famous Pakistani actress, model, >> Read More... , Seema Sehar, Imran Ashraf Imran Ashraf is a writer and actor in the Pakistan >> Read More... , Asad Siddiqui Asad Siddiqui is an actor and model. He has been p >> Read More... , Sajid Shah Sajid Shah (also known as Muhammad Ali Shah) is a >> Read More... , Adil Murad Adil Murad is a producer and actor in the Pakistan >> Read More... , and Behroze Sabzwari.

The story revolves around Ayman and her parents. Ayman is a twelve-year-old girl. She comes from a middle-class family. Her parents have a loving relationship. But there are visible strains between them due to money. Mehtab is Ayman’s mother who dreams of being rich. She wants to live in a bigger house and have rich food. She dreams of a luxurious lifestyle. She is not satisfied with what her husband earns. She complains to her husband about how she wants to live a rich life, but he does not earn much. Her husband tries to make her happy by going beyond his means to make her happy. But she still does not appreciate it. Mehtab’s mother would advise her not to be greedy as it could lead to bad things.

One day, Mehtab comes across her childhood friend Bakhtyar. Bakhtyar is a widower with a daughter. Bakhtyar has shifted back to Karachi after living many years in America. Bakhtyar’s mother wants him to get married again as his daughter needs a mother. Bakhtyar wants to get married to someone single as he cannot accept another child. He is surprised to see Mehtab still as a bubbly and cheerful person. He starts thinking about her often. One day, Ayman’s father while coming home gets shot by robbers. He dies, and Ayman and her mother are heartbroken. Bakhtyar wants to marry Mehtab as she is a widow now. Mehtab’s mother agrees as this would give Ayman a good life.

When Ayman’s grandmother discovers that Bakhtyar is unwilling to accept Ayman, she curses Mehtab and strongly asks her not to marry him. However, Mehtab was a greedy woman. Bakhtyar was a wealthy man with a lavish lifestyle and car. She did not want to risk losing it. So Mehtab chooses to leave Ayman with her grandmother. Both of them are shattered as a mother leaves a child for money. Ayman grows up with her grandmother as a decent young lady. But her grandmother dies. Now Ayman has to choose whether to live as an orphan or go to live with her mother and stepfather.


Imran Abbas Naqvi Urdu Movie Actor
DOB: 15 October 1982
Imran Abbas Naqvi
Sikandar Sanam Urdu Singer
DOB: 21 September 1960
Sikandar Sanam
Aamir Liaquat Hussain Urdu Politician
DOB: 5 July 1971
Aamir Liaquat Hussain
Nida Yasir Urdu Anchor
DOB: 12 October 1973
Nida Yasir
Nimra Bucha Urdu TV-Actress
DOB: 21 November 1980
Nimra Bucha