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Other names of Awaz Sayeed: Awaz Bin Sayeed Bin Awaz Bin Jabir Bin Abdullah
Telugu Writer Awaz Sayeed
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Born on 3rd March 1934, Awaz Bin Sayeed Bin Awaz Bin Jabir Bin Abdullah was a modern short-story writer, poet, playwright, Khaka-Naveez, and humourist from Hyderabad. He was born in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. He grew up in his birth town itself i.e., in Hyderabad. His family had roots in present-day Yemen. Father of Mr. Awaz Sayeed served as a State Financier under a sultan. Sayeed completed his education in the Arts at Anwar-ul-Uloom High school and College. In 1954, he started working at the Food Corporation of India. He married Kaneez Fatima in 1960.

His first Urdu afsana Jeetey Jeetey was published in 1949 in Nizam-e-Lahore. After that, several of his stories were published in Urdu magazines in the Indian subcontinent. He also wrote seven books, six of which are short stories: Sai Ka Safar (1969), Teesra Mujasamma (1973), Raat Wala Ajnabi (1977), Kohe-Nida (1977), Benaam Mausamon Ka Nauha (1987) and Kuwaan Aadmi Aur Samandar (1993), and Khake (1985).


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