Saraswathi Pradeep Kondiparthy, popularly called by the stage name Saraswathi, is from India. A Hyderabad, Telangana, India native. She has pursued a master's in English Literature. Saraswathi Kondiparthy is married to Pradeep Kondiparthy since 1988. They have 2 children together - Neeharika Pradyumna Mulpur and Niteesh Kondiparthi. Saraswathi Pradeep Kondiparthy has thus far worked in the Tollywood entertainment sector, and Telugu-language films, television programs, and soap operas have all included her creativity. She has long been involved in Telugu television programs. She has a strong fan base thanks to various TV series. Niharika Kondiparthi, her daughter, is also an actor and a presenter.