Kushi Murali Telugu Actor
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Kushi Khushi is an Indian actress who is known to have b >> Read More... Kushi Murali is a Playback singer in the Indian film industry. He has predominantly worked in various Tamil films. The singer hailed from Renigunti, Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh and was born in the year 1963. He had a daughter named Haripriya who also associates with the playback singing Industry. The artist has worked on more than 500 films as a playback singer in his career span which is a huge achievement for any professional. With movies, Kushi always had a streak for Devotional songs which made him sing over ten thousand Bhakti songs in his entire life. He performed at various religious functions and devotional events and sung the bhakti songs for the deity. He gave the precious twenty years of his life to the entertainment industry and worked on various famous movies of his time.

The songs ‘Kevukeka’ and ‘Joramochindi’ from the film ‘ Gabbar Singh Click to look into! >> Read More... Gabbar Singh ’ and ‘Cameraman Ganga the Rambabu’ became quite famous and garnered a lot of applause from the audience. He started his journey as an assistant to the music director Koti who is renowned in the music industry. The singer learned the different nuances of playback singing from the music director and mastered the skills which gave him a lot of benefits in the coming future. The real fame came to the singer with the song ‘Aadurari Mantalaku Arthale’ from the movie ‘Kushi.’ The song was so much of a hit that the director of the film started calling him from the same name. He worked with the famous actor and director Mahesh Babu Born on 9 August 1975 in Chennai, Mahesh Ghattaman >> Read More... Mahesh Babu in the movie ‘Pokiri’ which had great reviews in the industry. He also had worked with many music companies such as T. Series, Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

Music Nepal, 2013 Times Music, Tips, Lohari Music, Venus Worldwide entertainment private, and many more. His famous albums are Gabbar Singh, Udayo Sapona, and 100 percent love. He was a very talented and hard-working singer with a beautiful voice. He worked on many Tamil films and gave melodies music for them. His movie ‘ Arundhati Arundhati is a supernatural show which gets aired >> Read More... Arundhati ’ got released in the year 2009 and gained a lot of popularity for its old world songs. The movie was based on the theme of incarnation and had a strong story. The artist died in the year 2013 while traveling through train to the Kakinada beach festival. His daughter was also with him. The singer had a heart attack which took away his life and a shining star from the entertainment industry.