Sonal Monteiro Telugu Actress
Other Skills

Sonal Monterio is an Indian film actress, popular amongst the regional audience for her work in movies like Ekka Saka (2015), Jai Tuluad (2016), Maduve Dibbana (2018), Saajan Chale Sasural 2(2019), etc. Mostly known for her major involvement in Telugu short films, TV shows, and Tollywood movies, Sonal has often been admired by the spectators and critics for her exceptional expressions and body language while filming the plot sequences. 

Born in Mangalore, Karnataka, Sonal made her first portentous contribution on the silver screen with the Coastal wood film Ekka Saka. Apart from featuring in movies, Sonal has also been a part of various stage shows throughout her career. She currently serves as the director of Fashion ABCD, an event and celebrity management company.