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Telugu Movie Actress Siri Sri
  • Gender : Female
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Siri Sri is a professional South Indian actress. She has worked predominantly in the movies in the Telugu film industry. Siri Sri is one of the lead roles in the Telugu movie named Ee Cinema Superhit Guarantee which was released in December of the year 2015. Siri Sri was born in Andhra Pradesh. She still lives and works in Andhra Pradesh. Other popular Tollywood movies in which Siri Sri was an actress are Half Boil Click to look into! >> Read More... which hit the theatres in the year 2013, Nakaite Nachindi which released in the year 2015. Her debut movie was Half Boil against lead actor Rohit and supporting actors Kavya Singh, Jeeva and many more. The Telugu actress rose to fame after her performance in the film Maa Oorlo Okasaari Em Jarigindante directed by Chandu who is an associate of the famed movie director Vamsi.

This movie was critically acclaimed and appreciated, and Siri Sri's performance was also highly recognized. She also got many offers to act after this role. Siri Sri got the part of the actress for the movie Broker – 2 opposite the lead Telugu actor Posani Krishnamurali. In the summer of the year 2014, Siri Sri got into trouble by some unknown hackers on the internet. Her Facebook account got hacked without her notice for a certain period. Siri Sri was very shocked and could not believe it when her friends told her that someone has been misusing her Facebook account. According to her friends, the hacker has requested money slyly from many of in her list of friends. Thinking it was Siri Sri, her friends had given cash, but later they realized that it was not Siri Sri who was texting and that they got cheated by a hacker. After the culprit asked money from Siri Sri‘s father, it came to her attention.

Siri Sri took this to the notice of Police. She complained to the cyber cell of the Cyberabad police. The police took immediate actions on the case, and the hacker was discovered and caught in no time. The black hat was identified as the Assistant General Manager from Narayana College located in Vijayawada named Sandeep Kumar Sandeep Kumar is an Indian director and writer wor >> Read More... , and he deceived Siri Sri's friends by telling that the money is collected for social service. He was reported to have accumulated about 82 thousand rupees. Siri Sri was relieved after the culprit got caught and the cash of her friends was returned. Siri Sri is an upcoming actress who is talented and ambitious.


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