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Priyanka Jawalkar Telugu Actress

Priyanka Jawalkar

Priyanka Jawalkar comes from the small town of Anantapur. She was born and brought up at Anantapur, to the domain of Tollywood, Priyanka Jawalkar has had a dream sprint already. All set to make her entrance with the famous superstar Vijay Deverakona in a mystic comic book directed by Rahul Sankrityan, the NIFT grad is very eager. She had to interview numerous times for almost three months before the creators lastly concluded to cast her. Very thrilled about her latest work as she is about to become a Tollywood heroine which is like all her fantasies coming to life. A CSE engineer, she also has a Diploma in fashion and designing from NIFT, Hyderabad. In fact, she has fabricated some of her costumes for herself in some of her movies too. The actresses clothing sense as appreciated and liked by everyone. She wore these clothes at some of the meetings she went to, so the film crew decided to have the lady take charge of her getup. Everything she wore in the flick was pre-arranged before the shoot began, so no problem popped up during the shooting of the picture. Priyanka says that the film revolves around a cab, a cab driver and an experiment that goes off beam. She plays the female lead character of a girl Anu who is a doctor. Priyanka also lets us know about her onscreen chemistry with Vijay. The actress tells that in the flick Vijay portrays a cab driver called Shiva, and during one of his rides, he happens to meet Anu (Priyanka). After the initial meeting, they continue meeting further and slowly but assuredly becomes friends. The trip of this association begins, but what happens afterward is something of a secret that the audience will have to watch on-screen. Apart from fashioning herself, she is also doing the dubbing of her shots on her own. Even if she is a Maharashtrian, Priyanka’s family has been living in Anantapur for many years. The artist’s parents also happen to have been bought up there. In fact, she did a couple of short flicks in Telugu likewise. So, taking care of her dubbing was no biggie for the Maharashtrian she reveals. Priyanka will be teaming up with Malavika Nair on-screen. Malavika portrays one of the most significant characters.