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Telugu Movie Actor Chandrakanth Dutta
  • DOB : 08-12
  • Gender : Male

performance in Telugu Movie Industry. Along with working for Telugu Movie Industry, CK also participated in American Theatre. He is 5’11” (1.8 m) tall. People also call him C.K as his nickname. After completing his Masters in Mechanical Engineering, he moved to America in the year 2015. There he attended The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. CK’S’s previous film to hit the cinemas is titled “Prema Entha Madhuram Priyuralu Antha Katiram.”

The movie is released in the year 2017. It is directed by “ Goverdhan Gajjala Goverdhan Gajjala is a well-known Telugu director >> Read More... .” The film is a romantic thriller film. The film stars are Chandrakanth Dutta, Radhika Mehrotra Radhika Mehrotra is a renowned actor who works mos >> Read More... , Pallavi Dora Pallavi Dora is an Indian Filmed Actress, who has >> Read More... , Gemini Suresh "Gemini Suresh is an actor in Telugu Film Industry >> Read More... , and Tulasi. Music in the movie is given by Jithin Roshan Jithin Roshan is an Indian music director. He work >> Read More... .


Born: 21 February 1968

Age Now 56

Anand Nanda - (Actor)


Born: 20 February 1946

Lived For 73 Years

Vijaya Nirmala - (Director)

Born: 20 February 1987

Age Now 37

Venu Sri Ram - (Director)

Born: 20 February 1997

Age Now 27

Kristen Ravali - (Model)

Born: 19 February 1930

Lived For 93 Years

Kasinadhuni Viswanath - (Director)

Born: 19 February 1998

Age Now 26

Tanuja Madhurapantula - (Actress)

Born: 19 February 1989

Age Now 35

Ahiteja Bellamkonda - (Producer)