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Parvati Melton Telugu Actress
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Parvathi Melton is an American Indian former model and also an actress. She is known for her works in many movies in the Telugu Film Industry. She showed up in a few Malayalam and Telugu films. She played the lead role with the actor Raja for the movie Vennela, which ended up being a win. She also acted another super hit Malayali film with the name of Hallo Click to look into! >> Read More... Hallo . She costarred with South Indian famous superstar Mohanlal. She recently got name and fame with her entrance again in the song "Tension" for the Telugu film Dookudu, which was featuring the famous actor Mahesh Babu Born on 9 August 1975 in Chennai, Mahesh Ghattaman >> Read More... Mahesh Babu . She was born in New Jersey. Her parents were Sham Melton, who was a German and Darika Preet, who was an Indian and a Punjabi woman.

She expressed that she was given a name by her dad. Her dad, however, being German follows some of the simple rituals of Hinduism. She also has one sister whose name is, Ariana Sitara Melton. She took courses for cultural dances and now is a famous Bharatanatyam dancer. She finished her graduation from the Emeryville High School. She went to Vista Community College, which is located in the city of Berkeley in California. She participated in a few beauty competitions. She went on to win the Miss. Teenager India in the year 2004.

After that, she also won the Miss India Le Visage USA in the year 2005. She speaks many Indian languages like English, Urdu, Hindi. She also speaks some simple Gujarati, Punjabi, Telugu. While in the Vista College was doing her graduation, she got the offer of the lead part in Telugu movie Vennela. In spite of the fact that she proposed to backpedal to school however, the movie's huge success stopped her from going back. She was married to businessman Shamsu Lalani in the year 2013. She also quit the acting industry although planning to make some guest appearances.

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Parvathi Melton is an Indian actress who hails from the USA. Before acting, she was into modelling. Melton primarily worked in the Telegu films. She has acted with many popular actors of Tollywood. ‘Venella’ was a movie in which Melton acted with actor Raja. Raja is a Tollywood actor and has given the film industry many big hits. The movie ‘Venella’ was a massive hit and received great response from the critics. However, the film grossed only 5.3 crores. The film was released on 26th November 2005.

She even acted with South Indian Superstar Mohanlal in the movie ‘Hallo’. The movie was a super hit and was appreciated a lot by Indian audience. The movie was released on 5th July 2007 and is a comedy thriller. It was directed by the director Rafi Mecartin and produced by Joy Thomas and Shakthikulangara. Parvathi did an item song in a Telegu movie ‘Dhookudu’ which made her very popular among the masses. The song became very popular in no time. Along with her, actor Mahesh Bapu was also featured in the song.

Parvathi’s father, Sham Melton, is a German national and mother, Darika Preet, is a Punjabi Indian. Her name was kept by her father who is a German but practices Hinduism. She even has a younger sister whose name is, Ariana Sitara Melton. Parvathi is a professional Bharatnatyam dancer and can speak fluent English, Hindi, Telugu, Gujarati and Tamil. She participated in several beauty shows and even won the Miss. Teen India Bay Area pageant in the year 2004. She even won the Miss India Le Visage USA pageant in the year 2005.

She is a graduate of Emeryville High School, and she went to Vista Community College which is situated in Berkely. In the year 2013, she quit the Film industry after marrying Shamsu Lalani who is an Entrepreneur by profession.