Ratnakar Matkari Marathi Actor

Ratnakar Matkari is an Indian writer who worked for the Marathi film industry. He was born on 17th November 1938 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Ratnakar was a multi-talented writer, movie producer and director, and self-taught artist who worked for the Marathi movies. He was graduated from Mumbai University in 1958 and got a degree in economics and later worked at the Bank of India for about twenty years. Wedi Manase was his first play which was presented on All India Radio in Mumbai in 1955. During the 1970s, he started working for newspapers and magazines as a columnist.

Soneri Savalya was the column he wrote in Apale Mahanagar for about four years. His work includes 33 plays, 8 collections, 18 books of short stories, 3 novels, a book of the poem for children, 14 plays, and three collections of plays for children. Many of his novels are adapted for the stages. Ratnakar is one of the greatest writers of that time. Some of his plays include Vinashakadun Vinashakade, Char Diwas Premache, Ghar Tighanche Hawe, Jawai Majha Bhala, Khol Khol Pani, and many others. His musical play Char Diwas Premache was published more than 850 times in the public and was also translated into Hindi and Gujarati language.