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Aditi Moghe is an Indian Screenwriter, Dialogue Writer, and Story Writer. She was born on 23 August in Vasai in the state of Maharashtra. Aditi Moghe completed her schooling at R. P. Vagh High School and then received her Bachelor’s Degree from Ramnarain Ruia College in Mumbai. The writer predominantly works in the Marathi cinematic Industry. Although she is mostly known for her writing, Aditi Moghe first entered the film industry as a casting director for the movie ‘ Shala Story soon >> Read More... ’ in 2011. Her writing debut came much later and was almost accidental.

While conducting research for a period film, Aditi Moghe ran into the director- Prakash Kunte Prakash Kunte is an Indian Writer, Producer, and D >> Read More... , who was looking for a writer to work on a new film. After a brief conversation, she agreed to work with him until he found a professional writer. However, the two ended up getting along very well on the project, and Aditi Moghe stayed on till the completion of 'Coffee Ani Barach Kahi' (2015). The writer revived no professional training and learned by watching other films. A went on to be a writer for two more films, including 'Hampi' (2017) and ' Cycle Click to look into! >> Read More... ' (2018). The latter is loosely based on Aditi Moghe’s father and is set in the Konkan region of Maharashtra.


Born: 1 March 1947

Age Now 77

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Born: 1 March 1904

Age Now 120

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Born: 28 February 1992

Age Now 32

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Born: 28 February 1993

Age Now 31

Eknath Gite - (Actor)

Born: 28 February 1992

Age Now 32

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Born: 28 February 1997

Age Now 27

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