Leena Bhagwat is a well-known Marathi actress who has showcased her acting skills in theatre and several Marathi movies. In 1999 she worked in an offbeat film, Kairee. Amol Palekar Amol Palekar was born on 24th November, 1944 in Mu >> Read More... Amol Palekar directed this drama. The story is about Tani, who cares for her sister's daughter. But, Tani's husband did not like the little girl's arrival. The prominent cast members of the movie include Yogita Deshmukh as Kamli's daughter, Shilpa Navalkar Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Shilpa Navalkar as Tani Mausi, as Bhaurao, Atul Kulkarni Atul Kulkarni was born in the year 1965 in Karnata >> Read More... Atul Kulkarni as Jadhav teacher, Nimish Kathale as Ningu, Akshay Pendse Akshay Pendse is an actor and performer who predom >> Read More... Akshay Pendse as Mohanjjan, Leena Bhagwat as Tulsa, Sonali Kulkarni Sonali Kulkarni was born in the Marathi-speaking K >> Read More... Sonali Kulkarni as Kamli's daughter, Vasant Abaji Dahake as Sreepu, Renuka Daftardar as Kamli, and Upendra Limaye as Deshpande Teacher.

After Kairee Leena Bhagwat appeared in Avatarachi Goshta in 2014, directed by Nitin Dixit. The film's central characters are Adinath Kothare Adinath Kothare or Adinath Mahesh Kothare was born >> Read More... Adinath Kothare as Amod, Mihiresh Joshi Mihiresh Joshi is a popular Marathi film actor. He >> Read More... Mihiresh Joshi as Kaustubh, Yash Kulkarni Yash Kulkarni is an Indian child actor, born on No >> Read More... Yash Kulkarni as Mangya, Sulabha Deshpande Sulabha Deshpande is a very popular actress in mov >> Read More... Sulabha Deshpande as Kaustubh's Aaji, Leena Bhagwat as Kaustubh's Mother, Sunil Abhyankar Sunil Abhyankaris a prominent Indian actor. He has >> Read More... Sunil Abhyankar as Kaustubh's Father, Rashmi Ampat as Kaustubh's Sister, and Ashish Vidyarthi Ashish Vidyarthi is a renowned Indian film perform >> Read More... Ashish Vidyarthi . The entire concept of the drama is based on a little boy who considered himself Lord Vishnu's tenth avatar. However, he lost his confidence and enthusiasm when he came out of this fantasy world.

Apart from Avatarachi Goshta, Leena Bhagwat has also worked in Gandha. She has also participated in several plays like Gosht Tashi Gamtichi, Adhantar, and Chal Tujhi Seat Pakki. Along with movies and theatres, Leena Bhagwat has also worked in the television industry. Her notable works in the Marathi serial industry are Agnihotra, Eka Lagnachi Dusri Gosht, Honar Sun Me Hya Gharchi, and Thipkyanchi Rangoli Thipkyanchi Rangoli is a family show where every c >> Read More... Thipkyanchi Rangoli .