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Marathi Tv Actress Dipti Sonawane
  • Gender : Female
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Dipti is an actress who works in the Marathi film industry. She acted in various television shows, such as “ Aboli Aboli is an Indian Marathi television series produ >> Read More... ,” which focuses on the characters of Aboli and Ankush, who are different from each other and help each other during difficult times. “ Tujhyat Jeev Rangala Tujhyat Jeev Rangala is a romantic drama in Marath >> Read More... ,” focuses on the character of Rana, a wrestler who falls in love with a teacher named Anjali and finds it difficult to convey his feelings to her. Dipti plays the role of Chanda in this show. It was directed by Aniket Sane Aniket Sane is a Marathi director currently in the >> Read More... . “Tula Shikvin Changlach Dhaba,” which focuses on the character of Akshara, who is a sweet and intelligent teacher, who meets with Bhuvaneshwari, who belongs to a wealthy family. Both of them have different beliefs towards life leading to misunderstanding between them. Dipti plays the role of Durgeshwari in this serial. It was directed by Chandrakant Gaikwat. 


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