Anu Vijoy is a sound and audio engineer who works for different Malayalam Channels and shows. He is from Kadakkal, Kerala, and did his schooling at Govt. Higher Secondary School, Chithara. He then joined Central Polytechnic College, Trivandrum, in 2014 to study civil engineering. After completing his course, he went to Chennai to study sound engineering at Muzik Lounge School of Audio Technology and stayed there till 2016. He began his career as a sound engineer in 2016 and worked at Waveguide Systems.

He was then hired at Tuning Fork as a live sound engineer for six days, from April 15, 2016, to April 21, 2016. After about a month, on May 4, he joined the Janam TV channel to work as a sound engineer. He gained more experience while working there for about a year, till February 2017. Anu then joined Motta Maadi Music and is working there as a live sound engineer since March 2018. He also worked for Kerala Vision for one month. He is settled in Bangalore now and also works as an Audio QC engineer at Deluxe. He married KrishnaPriya on 4 February 2021.