Kester pandyan popularly known as Kester is a Malayalam singer and has worked basically in Malayalam film industry. He is a devotional Christian singer and the best singer in the Malayalam industry. He has sung in various movies such as pass, rapid action fire, etc. Kester has an amazingly soothing voice which is why till today he is regarded as the best Malayalam singer. He devoted his voice to the lord and sang for him and his devotees mainly. Most of the songs of Malayalam film industry are there by him. The most popular songs which are sung by him include AA viral (2007), njanum ente kudumbavum (2006), Nalla mathave of entho nee thirinju vaane (2012) and israyele also in 2012.

Daiva pithave (1999), thiruvilavil ninnozhukum (2006), jeevithamam (2012), en maname (2010), dukhathinte paanapathram, krooshin nizhahil and oru kodi of 2005, vazhthumu (2007), lokamam gambheera varidhiyil (2008), alivode (2013), thilangunna (2009) and amme are also the songs sung by him in the same year. Yeshu nadha and eesho of 2011, priyane (1998), dayayulla mathave, ninte thakarchayil, pettamma, oru vakku and karuthunnavan of 2012, kuttikale (2005), ithratholam enne (2011), daivame and ente yeshu enikku nalavan of 2007 are the rest of his songs. The movies Kester has sung for include Swastham grihabharanam which released in 1999, Mark Antony Click to look into! >> Read More... Mark Antony and rapid action force in 2000 and pass pass in 2005.

Among all the songs he has sung his best song is Nin sneham ethrayo avarnaneeyam which implies that oh god your love is so incredible. Kester dedicated his life and his best asset his voice to the lord. By becoming a devotional singer, he not only made his parents, his friends, and relatives proud but also the entire society and south industry too. Everyone was amazed and could not express their feelings in words when they first heard his songs. He also took their views positively and tried his best to maintain his skills and continuously improve it. He is the favorite of all Malayalam devotees and is always blessed by them.

Rinosh George Malayalam Actor

Rinosh George

Rinosh George is a playback singer. He has the Indian Nationality. George is also a songwriter, composer, music artist and actor. He hails from Bengaluru, India. He made debut for his career as DJ in the year 2009. He started his own company for songwriting and composition in the year 2011. His hard work got attention at several pubs in Bengaluru. Nevertheless, after some time he did a customization for another song. It is now Azaghe. The track is in the Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, and English. This steals the heart of many peoples. In this song, college romance has depicted by the creator. At the time, Bangalore is full of energy the magic of youths and many more things. He came to the mind of different wrappers at the time, who is also preparing themselves for the music world. Rinosh sang his international track as ‘Sunrise' with rapper BanG Gully, and Shree Sen. They are from New York and Bangladesh respectively. He did ‘Be the Change' in the year 2014. It is a patriotic song. It got attention from audiences. After some time, Legend Musician Lucky Ali and A.R. Rahman noticed his skills. His music ‘MeriJaan' released in the year 2014. It is also a famous one for all. This track choked the traffic on social media and topped the chart. After this one, he became one of the finest music creators in Bangalore. Rinosh’s new venture is ‘This is Bengaluru' in the year 2015. Its music launched on March 18 and in the year 2015. In this, he displays the nightlife of Bengaluru, Youngsters hotspot in the track. Rinosh shows his passion according to his will and hard work. His works include ‘Rinosh-Gubbi-Big Deal,' sunrise-Shree, MeriJaan as a track. And he did Love is Magical, Loud Truth in the year of 2015, ChilapolChilar, Water, They Call me Nonsense, PularnilaKasavumayi, and ChirakukalNjanTharam as an actor. He did the composition named as ‘Why Fear Do? There is Beardo.' The genre is EDM Rap. Another one he did ‘Break Free' with the genre Mallu EDM. I am Mallu is another hit anthem of his career. The genre for this is Tapang Rap. He is currently available on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Rinosh did movie Nonsense. His album is Coma. The artists in this album are Rinosh George, Karthik Raj, Gubbi, Benny Dayal, AshicArun, and Anjali Bhat.