Kumari Thankam Malayalam Actress
  • DOB : 13-06-1933
  • Date of death: 08-03-2011
  • Star Sign : Gemini
Kumari Thankam was the first glamour girl of Malayalam cinema. She was undoubtedly the charming and beautiful actress who ruled the heart of audiences during 50’s. She got her first break with the film ' Athmasakhi ‘Athmasakhi’ is a Malayalam Family Television seri >> Read More... Athmasakhi ' in 1952. The hero of the film was Sathyan and it was debut release film for Sathyan too. Both the legendary artistes got their break to act in Neela Productions Trivandrum for producer P Subramanyam. In the same year, Kumari, the well-known Malayalam film star of that day, played the role of the lady doctor in a tri-lingual film Kanchana. The film did not do well in box office, although it was made in Telugu, Malayalam and Tamil, but did not fare well either. The film story was based on a popular Tamil novel Kanchanayin Kanavu, authored by Lakshmi Thiripurasundari.
She was also considered for the main role of the first CID Crimes happens to anybody in this world. You canno >> Read More... CID genre film named as 'CID' (1955) itself and this was a directional debut of M. Krishnan Nair. The film had Prem Nazir Prem Nazir was born on 7th April 1926 and his actu >> Read More... Prem Nazir cast as a hero. In the year 1956, she was seen in ‘Koodapirappu' in which actor Prem Niwas and Ambika got break as a new hero and heroine too. The film was also had given debut to director J. D. Thotta in Malayalam cinema. In 1957, she sang Vannaalum Mohanane from the super hit film Minnunnathellaam Ponnalla.
She also got an appreciation for a film 'Kidappadam' which was a good sentimental melo –drama. The film was a moderate commercial success, and it was produced by Kunjacko under the banner of XL Productions and was directed by M. R. S. Mani in 1955. The film was an adaptation of the Hindi classic film Do Bigha Zamin (1953). She also acted in ‘Mantravadi' which was a fiction film. 
She got married to P. K.Sathyapal who was the cousin brother of Lalitha, Padmini, Ragini and was settled in Chennai after marriage. She died at her residence in Chennai on March 8, 2011.