Chunakkara Ramankutty Malayalam Actor
Other Skills
    - Lyricist

Chunakkara Ramankutty is a famous actor and an Indian film lyricist; he has mainly worked with the Malayalam film industry. His previous movie which was released was Kapalika in the year 2013. He has also been a part of movies like Seetharam, Kapalika, Kanyakumari Express, and Sravu. He did the film, Kapalika with actress Sona Nair Sona Nair is a cine actress working mainly in Mala >> Read More... Sona Nair and Sreelatha. Ramankutty comes from a small village named Chunakkara in Alappuzha district of Kerala. Famous actors like Mukesh and his father O.Madhavan, one of the most famous film directors were also from Chunakkara. The village is also known for a more than thousand years old Chunakkara Thiruvairoor Mahadeva Temple, where the idol is said to be self-generated and not placed by humans.

He was born on January 19, in the year 1936 in Kerala. His father’s name is Krishnan and his mother’s name is Naryana. He also had a wife named KV. Thankamma, but she passed away after some years of their marriage. He also has three children named, Renuka, Ragini and Radhika. Ramankutty graduated from NSS College in Pandalam and wrote a lot of poems for the college magazine. After a while, he started writing songs and plays for Theatre Department in college. He also took part in the programme ‘Kaviyarangu,’ organized by the department of Tourism in co-relation with the festival of Onam. He has been writing lyrics and making his won music, since he was a teenager but his first song was released in 1978.

His first song which got released was Apsara Kanyake, from the movie, Aasramam. The music was by MK. Arjunan and it was sung by P. Jayachandran. It was also directed by KK. Chandran; he has worked with the musician named Shyam the most. They have also formed a very strong bond because of the amount of times they have worked together. He has written lyrics for about two hundred and fifteen songs, which have been a part of seventy-six movies. His lyrics are beautiful and enjoyable. His career though was at its best in the year 1984; he wrote about thirty-two songs in that year alone. In 2012, though he did not write any songs and focused on his movie Kapalika. His most recent song is Maruubhoovil Poo Vidaram, from the movie named,’My School,’ the music was by Sikkandar, and the song was sung by a new artist known as Manju