K. R. Mohanan is a very famous director who had done multiple jobs as a writer and art director as well. His contribution in Malayalam films has been much appreciated from the beginning. He is born in 1947 in Thrissur district, India. He did his graduation from FTII in Pune. He is much recognized for his contribution towards documentaries and short films. He worked for many years in "Kerala Films Development Corporation". He is someone who believes in quality than in quantity. He managed to direct only 3 films till now but those 3 have been extremely impactful movies. His first movie Ashwathama - 1978, is a recap of the same character Ashwathama in Mahabharath. But this is re-narrated in the recent cinematic way. This story is about a young man with a fearful curse to live on earth for the next 3000 years. This movie speaks extremely well about what it is to live for so long and what a man gets to face in this while. This movie is widely appreciated for its freshness of the story. Then K. R. Mohanan took a long gap of 10 yrs. He came up with a brilliant movie Purushartham - 1986. This movie gives a deep insight into what is the reason behind mankind and the rituals we perform. This movie reveals the story of a widow and a son. They are stuck with the struggle in between what heart says and what does the ritual say. The story beautifully unfolds how the son turned into an intelligent person who understands the values of rituals and lets her mother go with her new friend. K. R. Mohanan was appraised by critics as well for his next movie Swaroopam - 1992. It's about a common-man Shekharan who becomes a victim of a blind belief. This beautifully portrays how a person can be deceived if not alert. It makes a bold attempt to reveal the facts about social evils like greed and belief into superstitions.

Joy Mathew Malayalam Actor

Joy Mathew

Joy Mathew has various feathers to his cap; he is an actor, director, writer and a political persona. But he is very humble in this real life. Hailing from an upper-class Christian family he had his initial days in Kozhikode. He initially joined Pune Film Institute but later opted for post graduation in Mass Media and Journalism. But films always remained his passion.    Born on 20th September 1961, Joy Mathew hails from Challissery, Thrissur. Joy Mathew’s films reflect his childhood days and fervent association with left-wing politics. He believes in giving equal treatment to everyone. Joy Mathew is an optimist and is service-minded. He has great passion towards theatre and films. Joy Mathew’s input to Malayalam theatre is indeed commendable. He has appeared in some movies too. Joy rocked the Malayalam film industry during the 80s.    Joy Mathew has donned the role of a main villain in the biggest 2013 grosser-Amen. The flick Shutter is his debut directorial venture and it received great critical acclaim. This film gained international recognition and was bestowed with several honours. This movie was also well received by the audience.    The 1986 flick Ammaye Kanan, in which John Abraham wielded the megaphone, had Joy donning the lead role. This film was lauded critically and it was adjudged as one of the best Indian films by British Film Institute. Then Joy was in a sabbatical for 27 years and re-entered the industry in 2013 and he donned the role of supporting actor as well as director. He has a distinction of working in 14 movies in 2013 and this indeed a commendable achievement.    Sangeeta Nataka Academy and Kerala Sahitya Academy felicitated him for a couple of his plays. Athirthikkal, Pretoria-October 18, Sankadal and Chille 73 are some of his commendable endeavors as a playwright. Joy Mathew took vigorous involvement in some cultural groups. The Campus Theatre Movement is his foundation which was started in 1980. His contribution to Malayalam plays is over 20.



Actor Sreenivasan is a Malayalam actor who had ruled the regional cinema graph for over 25 years and has earned the credit of having acted in over 200 films so far. But he never attributes his success even once for the quantity of films that he had done so far. He is an actor who lacked star appeal always. Instead of relying on his looks, he concentrated more on his talent that helped him carve a niche in Mollywood. He could perform any character on screen whether it is a villain role or a comedy role which drew a parallel recognition when compared with the ranks of superstars. His comedy role gave Malayalam cinema some of its finest films. Though he had joined films to become an actor, he had never felt he could take up the job of script writer. This happened incidentally. He had never done any planning in his career, whatever offers came on his way, and he worked as per his professional attitudes just. He has done script writing for over 50 films.    It was director Priyadarshan who had approached him to write script and thus his first assignment for film ‘Oodaruthe Ammava, Aal Ariyaam' was born. Thereafter, he had never looked back. At peak of his career, he even took courage to do a negative role. His role in film ‘Karinizhal’ where he kills the hero Prem Nazir although did not meet with greater expectations, he left no opportunity to retain his idealism in the character.    Being born in Kerala, he always had support for Communist Party. Even as an actor, he had been always great critic of film Jury. He is great admirer of Hollwyood actor Peter Sellers. He was great fan of Peter Sellers’ comedy which he felt was just subtle and sophisticated. He found Mohan Lal was also a natural actor but felt Bharat Gopiettan was true inspiration for many actors in Mollywood. This actor was born In Kannur but left for Chennai for having a diploma in acting from Film Institute in Chennai. His parents are Unni and Laksmi who were from Kerala region. He is married to Vimala and the couple has two sons. His elder son Vineeth Sreenivasan, is a director, singer, lyricist and even an actor.

Sreenivasan Malayalam Actor