Thepssaini Hindi Actor

ThePSSaini is a popular YouTube personality, who is also a tech blogger from Mohali, Punjab. He was born on 9th September 1999. His real name is Prakashjit Singh. He changed his name as The-PS-Saini, where PS denotes his birth name, Prakashjit Singh and Saini, his caste. Saini Sikh Sardars are the people, who are usually, the landlords and farmers. Born and brought up in Punjab, Prakashjit did his schooling in 2018 in Khalsa Senior Secondary School. Being an arts stream student, he came out with 70% marks. His first YouTube channel is Techno Singh, which he started in 2016. In this channel, he posted some videos done by others, after editing. In 2018, he created another channel with this name ThePSSaini and started posting his contents. His videos are different and he shares tips and tricks for the latest gadgets.

Prakashjit had also posted materials relating to blogging, details about Play Consoles, Android App development, unboxing the latest gadgets, SEO tips, Digital marketing and video editing. Besides this, this youngster has been doing video reviews related to devices. He had also posted a lot of tutorials on his YouTube channel. Besides being a YouTube reviewer and blogger, he has written books too. His first e-book is PixelLab - The Editing King. The book is available on Amazon and Google play store. The book is a tutorial about Pixellab Android Application.