Chirag Mahabal Hindi Actor

Chirag Mahabal is a scriptwriter. He started working as a TV writer at the age of 21 after he quit the job as an Advertising Sales Representative.

He got to write a script for his favorite TV character, ‘Lola Kutty.’ He has worked for Channel V for several years as their in-house writer.

He got to produce, direct and write some popular shows while working with Channel V like ‘Axe your ex’ and ‘Get Gorgeous’.

He wrote a fictional script for ‘ Gumrah Gumrah is a Pakistani drama TV serial that aired o >> Read More... Gumrah ’ which aired on Channel V for a while. He has written for some known comics such as ‘Santa Banta’ and ‘Simpoo Singh.’

Since then, he has written for multiple TV series like Shaitaan Haveli, Only for Singles, Sumit Sambhal Lega Sumit Sambhal Lega was an Indian Sitcom. This show >> Read More... Sumit Sambhal Lega , Chacha Vidhaayak Hain Hamare, and the India version of “ The Office Story Coming Soon >> Read More... The Office ”. He has also worked as a Creative Director for Disney Channel. He has written “Mystery Hunters” with BBC India, which aired on Discovery India NOW.