Ananya Banerjee

Other names of Ananya Banerjee: Annanya Bannerjee
Ananya Banerjee Hindi Actress

Ananya Banerjee, the author of the famous cooking recipe book ‘Planet Gastronomy’ published by Meri-Shaheli publishers, is a celebrity chef, food stylist, cooking consultant, and an expert food advisor. Ananya’s love for life is not restrained to food only; she is also a born and widely acclaimed painter and a traveller a heart. By educational qualification, Ananya Banerjee is a lawyer. She is indeed a multi-faceted personality. Ananya’s cooking recipe book ‘Planet Gastronomy’ is the combined result of her love for traveling and her passion for food.

It is a compilation of hundred different recipes that Ananya picked up from among the most popular culinary traditions that she observed during her traveling journey around 60 different countries throughout the world. Currently, Ananya lives in Mumbai and continues to explore and share her love for food through her own website (All about food). As a part of her career as a food curator, Ananya has written recipes for famous magazines like Savvy Cook Book, New Woman, and Woman’s era. Ananya has also displayed her skills as a talented cook while working for the online magazine Geobits. She has appeared on Indian television amidst its culinary scene during her participation in the well-known fusion cooking show named ‘Foodie.’

Ananya has been a patron of global cuisine for long, and while chasing her endless love and passion for both food and travel, she has conducted cooking classes for Italians, Germans, Mexicans, Koreans and the Spanish in different parts of the world. It is her belief that joy shared is joy doubled. And so she does not believe in keeping her love for cooking and food to herself. Meanwhile enhancing her own knowledge about the global food scene by attending famous cooking classes at prime locations like France, Germany, and Switzerland, Ananya has also conducted regular cooking workshops at American and Japanese Women’s clubs in Holland and Austria.

As a part of her everyday routine, Ananya loves posting food updates on her social profiles, mainly Twitter and she also regularly organizes pop-up meals at different places in the country and the world inviting people from various fields to share with her the joy of eating. In a recent pop-up lunch that Ananya organized at her own home in Mumbai, she presented her guests with ten different recipes from her own cooking recipe book Planet Gastronomy. The specialty of the ten dishes was that they belonged from ten different countries of the world.