Vineeta Malik

Other names of Vineeta Malik: Vinita Malik, Vanita Mallik
Vineeta Malik is a versatile Indian television actress. She is seen in both small and big screens. Her television career began with the movie “Escape from Taliban” in 2003. She plays the role of Abu in the movie. This movie is about an Indian movie who attempts to escape from Afghanistan and the oppressive Talibans. She also appeared in the Bollywood movie “ Welcome To Sajjanpur Click to look into! >> Read More... Welcome To Sajjanpur ” in 2008. She plays the role of Kamala’s mother, Kamala being the female lead. The story is about a humble man who falls in love with Kamala in the village, Sajjanpur.
Her next Bollywood movie was “ Surkhaab Click to look into! >> Read More... Surkhaab ” in 2012. She played the role of Jeet’s mother. Jeet is an Indian female, who follows her brother to Canada and falls prey to human trafficking. The movie shows the reality and presents the inhuman treatment of females.

Beside the big screen, Malik has also bagged roles in the small screen. “Yeh Rishtha Kya Kehlata Hai”, released in 2009 is a big hit. She played the role of Dadiji, a woman of age sixty five. She is the mother of the Maheshwari clan. The story is based on arranged marriage. The female lead, Akshara is the loved daughter of the family. The serial depicts the difficulty she faces in her life.
Therefore, Vineeta Malik has surely proved herself through her acting skills.