Shreya More has been in the acting industry for quite some time now. Now she can boast a huge bag of experience that keeps her career in the spotlight. Her acting skills have been acknowledged by one and many and today she is doing a great job pleasing the audience with her performances.

Shreya’s role in “ Sukh By Chance Sukh by chance was a light hearted Indian televisi >> Read More... Sukh By Chance ” has been a highlight of her career. Even though it had an ensemble cast and aired for about a year in 2009-2010, the show did manage to reach out to the audience. It was basically a light hearted Indian drama television series. Revolving around a Gujarati family, the series gave out a beautiful message to all the viewers: If there is no money, there are problems. But if there is a lot of money, there are bigger problems. Shreya played a significant role in this TV show.

Another significant work from her career would be the show “Hum Apke Hain In Laws”. This explores the genre of comedy while portraying the life of a couple when they live next door to their in-laws. Shreya’s comic timing was tested here and she came out with flying colours.
Shreya also featured in “ Me Aajji Aur Sahib Me, Ajji Aur Saheb was a Hindi drama teleserial w >> Read More... Me Aajji Aur Sahib ” which was aired in 2012. The series beautifully captured the real essence of the relationship between a grandmother and her granddaughter with no male member in the family in the house. This was slightly different from the kind of roles Shreya engaged herself in. However, this also proved Shreya’s wide platter of acting skills and her ability to fit into any role given to her.