Parveen Akbar is a very senior Pakistani drama artist and she has been in the show business since 1969. Her career has began from radio and then, in 1975 she shifted to the television. The main roles, which earned fame for her, are Bi Jamalo and Zalim Saas. Presently, she is revered as the most famous Pakistani drama artist. Nowadays, she has also entered into the field of production and direction. Recently her role in the drama Shammo aired on Geo TV was seen with a very different angle and she earned a lot of fame from this role. In the beginning, she worked only in the dramas of PTV, but now her dramas are seen on other private channels as well.
By chance or by luck, Parveen Akbar has mostly performed villain roles in most of her dramas. It might be so that, these roles set on the personality of Parveen Akbar so well, that the directors always choose her for these roles. Due to her work, she has earned a lot of respect and fame among her viewers as well as co-workers. In addition to this, her juniors also consider her as the most talented actress and learn a lot from her. She has many plans in future and she also intends to manage and run a training academy for the upcoming TV artists. In fact, she is the great source of learning for her juniors and upcoming artists.