Nikita Aria palekar is a fortunate television presenter. She is additionally known as by the name Supriya. She was born in the city in the year 1995. She is a dancer- performs classic, contemporary, western jazz and ballet. She has hosted several television shows, acted in several industrial ads and additionally in several Indian soaps.

Hence, she is accepted as a fortunate TV presenter. She was born into a family of doctors. Nikita completed her graduation in political economy and post graduation in international business and finance. Nonetheless, she opted for modeling as her career.

At the age of five, she learned ballet dance type, from the Russian cultural center. at the side of that, she learned Bharatnatyam from Shree Bharatalaya school. At the age of seven, she made her first appearance in tv in a very documentary primarily based dance show. With such an interest in dance, she visited train herself for western jazz, contemporary to London.

As modeling was her career, she created some way to try and do ramp walk with lead models like John Abraham, Dino Morea, and Fleur Xavier. As shortly as her career started, she began to get supply letters from several ads and films. She appeared in several industrial Indian ads like Wrigley's chew gum, ACC cement, Kalyan silks, Videocon washer, etc.

She has hosted several live shows in Dubai, Singapore Hong honk, etc. She got her initial film supply letter from director K.Balachandrer, to play a lead role in his teleserial ‘jannal’ within the year 1998. From then she began to work with high administrators. She hosted Miss Indian south within the year 1996 from auditions to finals. within the year 2005, she hosted one of the famed show that is college gallate (show related to the fun of school students).

She even hosted several of the comedy shows. In the year 2005, she created her look in ‘vikramadithyan’ directed by sripriya. And in 2006 she contends a job in famed tv soap that's Krishna cottage. This was a remake of ‘friends’ directed by Prabhu Nepal. She did five movies. In 1998 she had a special look in the movie’ Swarnamukhi’. In 1999 she played a role in ‘Kaadhal kavidhal’ that was directed by award-winner ‘Ahathiyan ‘.

In 2000 she had a guest look in Hey ram movie. In 2001 she played a role in ‘Majanu’ movie directed by Dearakish. And in 2006 once more she gave a special look in the movie ‘Rendu’ directed by Khusbhoo and Sundar.


Another Version Bio Added :

Nikita is a talented actress from Chennai who found her passion for acting after trying her luck in a lot of similar performing professions. Nikita graduated in Economics and she did her post-graduation in International Business and Financing but realizing that neither served her desires, she decides to pick modeling as her career option. Within a short period of time, after she became a model in 1995, she gets to model alongside various popular models such as John Abraham, and she is immediately noticed by ad filmmakers who cast her in popular advertisements such as ‘Wrigley’s chewing gum’, ACC Cements and Kalyan silks.

In 1998, she makes her first appearance on television as an anchor in a call-in program named ‘Thirai Isai’. In 1997, she signs the contract for two of the TV soaps that she appears- ‘Jannal’ and ‘ Dream Girl’. After her successful debut in character roles in various serials, she is noticed by several filmmakers and in the consecutive years, she gets the opportunity to get featured in several movies. Her first movie was released in 1998, titled as ‘Swarnamukhi’, in which she only made a special appearance, but delivered her small part satisfactorily.In the same year, she appeared in ‘Kaadhal Kavithai’ in a more prominent role.

The film was shot in London, and it was directed by the award-winning director- Ahathiyan. Even after she started acting in movies, she did not quit on serials since according to her, no roles are too small to play. It was perhaps her humility that gained her role in the legendary movie ‘ Hey Ram’ directed by the legend himself- Kamal Hassan, in the year 2000. Apart from modeling and acting, Nikita is also a successful dancer, as she has taken part in ‘Masthana Masthana’ which was a dance reality show in which Nikita was talented enough to make it to its finals.