Neelam Sagar was born in India. She is an actress by profession and acted in many Indian daily soaps and also came is various ads and commercials. She made her debut in the industry when she reserved a spot in the TV series, Fasana which aired its first episode in 1996 and continued to be at the top charts until the producers shut down the show in 1997. Neelam continued working even after the series shut. She then appeared in Kala Mandir which aired in 2000 and at the same point of time; she was even cast in Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii, straight from Balaji Telefilms to work under the guidance of Shobha and Ekta Kapoor.

The show focuses on the life of Om Aggarwal, played by Kiran Karmarkar who is the son of a billionaire, Vishwanath Aggarwal. Om is from a rich powerful house. On the other hand, Parvati, the daughter of a middle-class father is a sensible and down to Earth person. Om’s marriage is fixed with Parvati and soon they both get married. Initially, Parvati wasn’t clever, she used to easily get manipulated and did everything according to others, but as time passed she became acquainted with the do’s and dont’s of life. She took decision independently and which would be beneficial for her family and would protect them. Om has two brothers, one is Kamal who is married to Pallavi but he is engaged to an extramarital affair with her secretary who dies delivering her son who is later adopted by Pallavi and him. On the other hand, his elder brother, Ajay is also engaged in an affair despite the fact that his wife is pregnant with his child. He is found dead under questionable circumstances and the suspicion is on Om for killing his brother. Later, it is revealed that Ajay is killed by Avantika. Om and Parvati have a daughter named Shruti.

The story leaps by 20 years and it is revealed that Shruti is not their real child, their real child is Gayathri who got exchanged with Shruti when riots took place, and everyone fumbled at the Gurudwara. Later when Gayathri is brought home, there is mutual disrespect that both of them share and did not really appreciate each other’s company. As the story continues, the Aggarwal’s face a lot of ups and downs and come with the solution to face them. Neelam played the role of Shilpa Aggarwal in the show.

Neelam Pathania Hindi Actress

Neelam Pathania

Neelam Pathania is an Indian television actress who is most popularly known for her role in Baade Door Se Aye Hain. This soap was aired on SAB TV in June, 2014, and is still running on the television, in its first season. It is a comedy show and is produced by the Hats off Productions. This show is about a group of five aliens who land up on Earth, with the aim of finding their lost son, who is the eldest son of the family. The family comprises of the father, mother, their two children, and the father’s brother. She has also been seen in the serial Jai Jai Jai Bajrang Bali. It is a mythological series and is based on the life and adventures of Hanuman. It was aired on Sahara One, in June, 2011 and is still running on television with the completion of more than nine hundred episodes.She has featured in Kehta Hai Dil, Jee Le Zaara, which is the story of love between a twenty seven year old lawyer, and a thirty four year old girl who does not have marriage on her agenda, as she has the responsibility of her younger siblings and has to take care of her father’s strawberry farm. She has also featured in the mythological tale, Devon K Dev Mahadev that is about the story of Lord Shiva and his powers. She has also been seen in Ramayana, which is also a mythological series, about the kingdom of Ayodhya, king Dasharata and his sons. Neelam has mostly done negative roles, Baade Door Se Aye Hain, would be something new to watch out for her.The current television ranking of Neelam is 1739, and that of last week’s was 1459. Looking at the television celebrity rankings, one can learn that she is most popularly known among the audience in September, 2014, when she reached the peak of her fame, with the ranking of 1428. Currently staying in Mumbai, and is working from there.