Adrita Das a Pune-based illustrator and a visual artist is a twenty-four-year-old who is more popularly known as Das Naiz, is the girl you are looking for to give talent its most current and trending definition. Adrita acquired her Diploma in Visual Communication, Illustration, and Film from Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore, which she believes is a place that gives one freedom enough to explore a variety of interests in the field of art and design. During her graduation, Adrita also went on a scholarship to Malmo University for a five-month course in Game and Interactive Media Design. 

Adrita is currently employed as a part-time Visual Designer at Extentia Information Technology in Pune and simultaneously she also works as a freelance illustrator coming up with her own ideas and projects that she mostly uploads on her social profiles like Facebook, Tumblr, Behance, etc. Gods Taking Selfies is a recent blog that she started on Tumblr featuring ancient scriptures and paintings of Gods and Goddesses photo-shopped as if they were taking selfies. This innovative style and technique of art that characterizes most of Adrita’s work took the internet by storm, and within a few days time, her GIFs and other visual illustrations began gaining popularity on various websites.

Most of Adrita’s graphics and visuals are interlaced with dark humor and created with the intention of reaching out with the message of not taking life too seriously for the common man. The way Adrita sees comic and fun elements where the world sees darkness and tragedy and the stunning peculiarity with which she reflects her beliefs through her artwork speak a lot about her talent as an artist. Among her other recognitions, Adrita has been selected as the winner of Campus Diaries’ 25under25 under the writing category, and she has also written and published her own books named ‘Faithwash’ and ‘Future Fourcast.’

Even though it has not been many years since Adrita began her professional career as a visual artist, she has acquired considerable and relevant work experience in her field. She has worked as the marketing intern for Chumbak Design Pvt. Ltd. for two months, as the pre-production intern for Studio Eeksaurus Productions Pvt. Ltd. for three months and as a staff writer for Moment of Zen for six months, all located in Mumbai. Mario Miranda, Jon Burgerman, and Wasted Rita are some of the most inspiring artists that Adrita looks up to as her ideals. ‘This Side Up,’ ‘The Bro Code’ and ‘Seeking funny’ are some of the best designs that she has worked at throughout her career as a visual artist.