Ocean Singh was called ‘the best contestant’ on the reality show of MTV Roadies season X4. He was an outstanding contestant who took judges by surprise. He auditioned from Lucknow and got selected directly into Neha Dhupia’s team due to his passionate attitude. Ocean was born a Hindu and belongs to Gujarat but he seized Sikhi later after learning about the basic concepts of Sikhism. He said he was an atheist in his young age and never took any interest in religion. Abiding by Sikhism changed his life entirely and made him a better person. He also shared his thoughts on the importance of being Shastradari and a Saint and what appealed to him to follow it, in the auditions. He took Amrit in his early years.

He is trained in different forms of Martial arts, Karate and Gatka. He wishes to take Gatka at international level and takes active part in spreading it into different countries. Ocean impressed everyone by his passion towards the participation in Roadies and sense of active responsibility towards spreading the wisdom of Sikhism. He also shared his three dreams of Climbing Mt. Everest, to become world’s best MMA Mix martial artist and to win Triathalon. He told the judges about his teenage addiction of watching adult movies and how attaining Amrit helped him to get out of this habit, influence the positivity in life, and how it has helped him to handle his way of living. When he was asked about his prime reason to join Roadies he said it acted like a power booster.

He was given an opportunity of getting sponsorship to help him in achieving his dreams. He shared his memory of how he got strongly influenced by Sikhi at Mumbai camp. He felt the inner peace from the chant of Mantra of Wahe Guru. He formerly joined a company at Mumbai where he made a Sikh friend who helped him to understand the religion, finally he convinced his parents into changing his religion and took Amrit the next day. Since, he had a keen interest in Martial arts he participated in various Gatka competitions. He was advised to join Roadies which would help him to get his directions towards his dreams. He went on discussing his experience on Roadies, how few people called him fake and did not treat him with respect and love. His calm attitude and aim of spreading love made him not only a good person but also a powerful being spiritually.

Rubal Dhankar Hindi Actor

Rubal Dhankar

Rubal Dhankar originates from Delhi, India. He is a police constable and works for Delhi Police Department. He has a very well built physique and is very strong. He rose to fame by participating in the X4 edition of Roadies, which is a popular show among the youth. He was a very strong contender for the winning title in that competition. He was selected for his wonderful display of strength and confidence in the auditions. He went to Rannvijay’s Gang. Two other gang leaders namely Neha Dhupia and Karan Kundra were equally impressed and wanted him to come to their gang, but he chose Rannvijay over them. Rubal belongs to a Jaat family in Delhi. Rannvijay selected him because he was mesmerized by his appearance, his appeal, and his will. Even his singing and dancing skills were liked by the viewers. Rubal is a very sincere police constable, and he is very close to his mother. He often seeks advice from her and takes her permission and opinion in each and every step of his life. The Roadies X4 show is a youth show in MTV channel, and it has four judges. Neha Dhupia, Karan Kundra, Rannvijay Singh and Prince Narula. It is a very famous show on MTV channel. Rubal is currently twenty-seven years of age. For those ladies out there who got attracted by this handsome hunk, please take tissues in your hand because Rubal is married. He is a Hindu. Rubal was a crucial member of Rannvijay’s gang. As we all know that Rannvijay himself is a fitness freak, and that is what prompted him to choose Rubal as his gang member because he was equally fit. Rubal was a first choice candidate in any task for Rannvijay. He performed like a lion, tearing down anyone who came in his path. He was fierce. He helped his gang win some crucial competitions, when they needed a win, and kept them safe. Rubal did not talk much, but he gave some valuable ideas which helped his gang make some strategies that they used against other gangs. Rubal was always eager to perform in strength based tasks because he knew where he was good at. The viewers who watched Roadies X4 will know how Rubal performed. He deserved to win Roadies, but he failed to do so. We hope that Rubal will achieve great success in his life, servicing the public as a Police Constable. He is a good soul, and we hope he stays like that forever.


Surjit Saha

Surjit Saha is a television actor and a model of Indian origin. He played the character of ‘AgentQ’ in Badi Door Se Aaye Hai telecasted on SAB TV. Before starting his career as an actor, Surjit was a fashion stylist. The actor made his first appearance on television in the show called Chidiya Ghar on SAB TV where he played the character of ‘Rajveer’. After watching his performance on the screen, Surjit was soon offered to play a BAIR (Bureau of Alien Research) agent on the drama, Badi Door Se Aaye Hai. He played the character of ‘AgentQ’ on the show. Surjit has also done a show called Thapki Pyar Ki on Colors TV in 2015 where he played the role of ‘Alok.’ Saha has also done several print shoots for the newspaper like The Telegraph (Calcutta) and Sakalbela. Saha was born in Kolkata and is youngest of the two siblings. He went to St. Mary’s Orphanage & Day School for schooling and has acquired higher education from the same school which is situated in Kolkata. Before starting the career as an actor, Surjit is seen in few commercials like Bajaj Allianz General Insurance. He has also done modeling for MTV style check. Surjit in 2016 was offered the lead role in Pakistani TV serial 'Hum Dono.' Hum Dono was the first international project of Saha. The plot of ‘Hum Dono’ revolves around an Indian guy, who travels to Pakistan for the first time to fulfill his grandfather's last wish to meet his brother in Pakistan. To fulfill his last wish, he soon went to Pakistan and later is seen falling in love with a Pakistani girl, and everything gets interestingly twisted from this point. Surjit so far is the first Indian actor to get a part in a mainstream Pakistani drama. The first episode of the screenplay, which was released in September 2016, received immense appreciations from a large group of audiences. Apart from acting in TV shows, Surjit has also been part of ‘Rise 2017,’ a calendar spreading awareness about Parkinson's disease (long-term degenerative disorder of the central nervous system that mainly affects the motor system). The actor connected to this noble cause through his friends who come up with an innovative way for spending the awareness about Parkinson’s. Surjit also supports ‘Hrishikesh's Centre of Contemporary Dance.’ It’s a dance club founded by Hrishikesh Pawar, a 33-year-old contemporary and classical dancer, and choreographer. ‘Hrishikesh's Centre of Contemporary Dance’ is working since 2009 to help the people having Parkinson’s by improving the flexibility in their body using dance technique. Surjit has participated in some fundraising events for this community.

Surjit Saha Hindi Actor