Ocean Singh was called ‘the best contestant’ on the reality show of MTV Roadies season X4. He was an outstanding contestant who took judges by surprise. He auditioned from Lucknow and got selected directly into Neha Dhupia’s team due to his passionate attitude. Ocean was born a Hindu and belongs to Gujarat but he seized Sikhi later after learning about the basic concepts of Sikhism. He said he was an atheist in his young age and never took any interest in religion. Abiding by Sikhism changed his life entirely and made him a better person. He also shared his thoughts on the importance of being Shastradari and a Saint and what appealed to him to follow it, in the auditions. He took Amrit in his early years.

He is trained in different forms of Martial arts, Karate and Gatka. He wishes to take Gatka at international level and takes active part in spreading it into different countries. Ocean impressed everyone by his passion towards the participation in Roadies and sense of active responsibility towards spreading the wisdom of Sikhism. He also shared his three dreams of Climbing Mt. Everest, to become world’s best MMA Mix martial artist and to win Triathalon. He told the judges about his teenage addiction of watching adult movies and how attaining Amrit helped him to get out of this habit, influence the positivity in life, and how it has helped him to handle his way of living. When he was asked about his prime reason to join Roadies he said it acted like a power booster.

He was given an opportunity of getting sponsorship to help him in achieving his dreams. He shared his memory of how he got strongly influenced by Sikhi at Mumbai camp. He felt the inner peace from the chant of Mantra of Wahe Guru. He formerly joined a company at Mumbai where he made a Sikh friend who helped him to understand the religion, finally he convinced his parents into changing his religion and took Amrit the next day. Since, he had a keen interest in Martial arts he participated in various Gatka competitions. He was advised to join Roadies which would help him to get his directions towards his dreams. He went on discussing his experience on Roadies, how few people called him fake and did not treat him with respect and love. His calm attitude and aim of spreading love made him not only a good person but also a powerful being spiritually.


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