Karan Mehta Hindi Actor

Karan Mehta is a talented, hard-working, vibrant Indian Maharashtra film actor and star. He is famous for his comic roles in the Hindi Movie Industry. The particular contributions of the talented director and writer came in the Bollywood Hindi movies. He was born in Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra. He currently resides in the same town. He has worked dominantly worked in Hindi Film industry and keeps coming up with some gratifying work. Working as an actor, he represents both the old and youth in his characters.

He is a talented creative actor and still has got a lot in him to justify. Being an Indian Hindi Film Actor, his specialties are playing comic roles. In a small acting career spanning over two decades, he had appeared in many supporting roles in several films, notably Pehle Bhool, Badmashiyaan - Fun Never Ends. Before doing original movies, he worked in several documentaries and short films. His sense of humor is unbelievable. He has learned his superior acting skills from the Film Academy, Mumbai. This talented actor and comedian have not given up; he is working on some upcoming mind-boggling projects.

His breakthrough role came in 2016 when he was offered the position in the multi-starred movie named Pehle Bhool. He is trained and experienced in playing minor mimic characters. His upcoming works will undoubtedly see the best of him.