Deepak H. Dave is a Gujrati Actor who is lighting up the TV screens since the early 80s. He has worked in more than 70 dramas, 15 television series and nine movies. Being well versed in multiple languages like English, Gujarati, Hindi and Marathi, he also has maintained a reputation of an established Dubbing Artist. He describes himself as a Free Lance Actor (Films, TV, Plays), Voice Over Artist and a Dubbing Artist. Moreover, he hasn’t limited his skills to acting as he has also tried his hand in Direction. He shot to fame with his 1998 flick Nano Diyariyo Ladko. Directed by Aatmaram Thakor and produced by Anilbhai Sangani, it was Deepak’s breakthrough in the big screen. Dave’s lead role was highly praised, and the film was vastly called a “Social Entertainment”. Following Nano Diyariyo Ladko, other flicks like Shubh Din Aayo Re (2005), Rutu No Hritik (2005), Aa Che Adamkhor (2006), Himkavach (2006) and Sachha Bola Juthalal (2010) helped him build his career.

Deepak Dave’s Chingari is considered one of the best ‘Gujrati Nataks’. Bramah Vishnu Mahesh Ni Aa Jodi and Aankho Na Dola Par Besi Nindaradi Aavi Jo are some of the hit songs which feature him. From January 2003, Deepak has been closely working with Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. It is an organisation which is committed to create wakefulness of India’s rich culture, scriptures, the unity of all beliefs and mutual spiritual truth given to the world community by seers and sages. Deepak works with them to promote Indian culture, literature, languages and studies of Indian faiths and the various systems of Indian philosophical values. His major goal aligns with his dedication to enrich the Indian art forms like painting, music, drama, dance, films, etc. He worked as the Director of Programs in  Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Mumbai from January 2003 to July 2005. In the same year, he started working in USA with the Bharatiya Vidya team as the Manager of Programs. In early 2008, he was promoted to the Executive Director position and has been working in the same for about nine years.