Dilshad Edibam is a very well renowned theatre artist. Born in Mumbai, Dilshad is part of the Akvarious theatre group of Mumbai, one of the most successful theatre production houses running for more than two decades. The Akvarious group consists of Adhar Khurrana, Akarsh Khurrana, Dilshad Edibam Khurrana and Meera Khurrana, all of whom are part of the theatre group. It is one of the most high profile theatre productions and Dilshad has acted in some of their best plays to date. Dilshad is also a very successful psychologist.

In one of the most popular play called the Internal Affairs, Dilshad had to play the romantic lead opposite her own son. She talked about how that dysfunctional situations actually lead to some of the best acting, that the audiences can enjoy. She made her debut on screen in 2009 when she made a cameo in the mega blockbuster 3 Idiots. She also starred in a short film titled Zoo Story released in 2015.