Kumar Pallana

Other names of Kumar Pallana: Kumar Valavhadas Pallana

Kumar Vallabhdas Pallana born on 23 December 1918 was an Indian actor, Vaudevillian, and a yoga instructor. He is known for his roles like Pagoda, in the movie The Royal Tenenbaums (2001) and Mr. Little jeans in the movie Rushmore (1998). He had also performed in TV shows like The Mickey Mouse Club and Captain Kangaroo as plate juggler. Pallana was born in a well-off family in Indore, India and his father was a car dealer. He had a comfortable childhood until the War of Independence started and his family lost everything. He was a trained gymnast and juggler which helped him to earn a source of livelihood during the hard times. He performed for Indian communities across Africa and later went to the US in 1946 to work in nightclubs as a plate spinner and juggler.

He had performed for a lot of nightclubs in cities like Las Vegas Serial Story Coming Soon... >> Read More... , Paris, and Beirut under his stage name Kumar from India. His shows in Las Vegas were attended by eminent personalities like Sammy Davis Jr. and Harry Belafonte. He later settled with his wife and children in Dallas, Texas in the 1960s and opened a yoga studio there. His son Dipak worked with him in movies like Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Bottle Rocket, etc., and his daughter Sandhya has worked with him in the movie The Terminal and many others. His son had opened a Coffee house named the Cosmic Cup which was a frequent place for directors Wes Anderson Wes Anderson (Wesley Wales Anderson) is an America >> Read More... and Owen Wilson Owen Wilson was born in Dallas, Texas on November >> Read More... to visit and write their movie scripts.

That's when they discovered him and casted him in their first movie The Bottle Rocket and it went on to him being cast in several other movies made by Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson's movies. He has worked with several other directors like Steven Spielberg Steven Spielberg is an American producer, director >> Read More... , John Turturro With an Emmy Award, three Screen Actors Guild Awar >> Read More... . He starred in movies like Another Earth Click to look into! >> Read More... (2011), 10 items or less (2006), Today's special (2009), The Darjeeling Limited (2007), etc. He had also worked in Bollywood, in the movie Anjana Anjani (2011). Despite playing small roles, Kumar Pallana had created a place in the hearts of the audiences and movie critics. A documentary was also made on him in 2015 called KUMAR:MKE, which focussed on his involvement in the Milwaukee film scene. He passed away on 10th October 2013, he was 94 years old when he died in his home in Oakland, California, The United States of America in 2013.

Ricky Rajpal Hindi Actor

Ricky Rajpal

Ricky Rajpal is an actor, model, and dancer. He was born in England and his nationality is British. This 5ft 5' tall and handsome man won the Mr. Popularity for Male Model of the Year 2011 award. He was a runner-up for the same category in the prior event of Mr. Popularity. He made it to the finals in the same category in October. Ricky is a beginner at his dancing career with very little experience in it. His spoken language and the accent are UK English. He calls himself funny, kind, friendly and happy person. He is also a photographer and part of film and stage crews. Rajpal started attaining fame in Bollywood after the movie 'Jab Tak Hai Jaan.' His other contributions are Mission Impossible (2015), Fan (2016). His Hollywood movies consist of a huge list including Miss You Already (2015), The Gunman (2015), London has Fallen (2016), Infected (2013), Jack Ryan, About Time (2013), Muppets Most Wanted and so on. He was a part of a hit web series 50 Shades of Blue. The 7.39 and Man Down are his TV comedies. He had also worked for TV commercials such as Paddy Powder, Go Compare and Blink Box. He also worked as a camera person and boom operator for his web series '50 Shades of Blue- A Pilot' and in a feature film 'No Smoke.' Ricky is working on a current Bollywood film, (the name is yet to be disclosed). He has to shoot an airport scene for this movie. He worked as a Voice over manager in an organization in London, and as a counter assistant at Morrisons. He also appeared in a magazine called 'Take a Break Magazine' on the front page. The short film Fried Eggs Blues is produced by Ricky Rajpal. He is an active social media user and has many followers. He also keeps posting images, videos on Facebook. His favorite quote is, 'Take Each day as a blessing, and glad to be alive.' He says, he is short, sweet, smiling and sexy while describing himself. Not only acting, but also modeling is his forte. Ricky is performing pretty well in Bollywood with his versatile skills in different fields. He is a sweet and generous man challenging himself with his fork and comfort zone. Ricky also enjoys spending time with his family and friends and hanging out at new places. He gets into different professions in several movies which make him learn and work more.


Ananda Karekar

Ananda Karekar is an Indian actor. He works predominately in the Marathi Film Industry. He was born and brought up in Southern India. As a school student, he would participate in a lot of plays, and Theatre acts. With time and experience, Ananda's interests in acting increased, and he decided to become an actor. He made his debut with 2008, Marathi Comedy film, named, "Aamhi Sathpute." Ananda played the part of a supporting actor in the movie. The film received a positive response, and even Ananda's acting skills received the love and attention of the viewers. Ananda, in 2012, went on to act in another Marathi Comedy film, titled, "4 Idiots." Basanta Sahoo is the director of the Odia motion picture. In 2015, he starred in another Marathi Comedy film, titled, "Shinma." The film did a business of around two crores at the box office. In the year 2016, Ananda did his two most successful movies, including, "Ventilator," and "1234." "Ventilator" is a Marathi Drama film directed by Rajesh Mapuskar, and produced by the internationally acclaimed Indian actress, Priyanka Chopra. The film received immense critical appreciation and even won the prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke Award for Best Film. In 2017, Ananda did his first ever horror movie, "Kanika." He played the role of Kanika's father in the film. The film was a huge success and even won the Best Film on Women award, by Calcutta International Cult Film Festival. In the same year, the actor also featured in Marathi Drama film, "Dashakriya." The film explores the issue of the last rite performed by a particular section of the Brahmans. Ananda's performance in the motion picture received critical attention. In 2015, he bagged a part in a Marathi Horror-Thriller Television series, called," Grahan." The serial is an adaptation of a novel by the popular horror novelist, Narayan Dharap. It is apparent through his records that Ananda Karekar is a passionate and experienced actor of the Marathi cinema. As an actor, he prefers the part of a comic and loves to work in Comedy films. His contribution to the Marathi cinema is commendable, and will always be appreciated.

Ananda Karekar Hindi Actor