Dalip Sondhi Hindi Actor

Dalip Sondhi is an actor, director, and partner and founder of SDDS International Institue of Dramatic Arts. He was born on the 21st of March 1966 and is 53 years old now. Sondhi, however, did not start his career as an actor from the very first stages of his life. He was born and brought up in London. The man had started his occupational career as a UK Metropolitan Police Officer and gathered experience as a part of the crime squad during the unsafe and turbulent times of the 1980s. He, however, did not continue his career as a police officer and decided to nurture and improve his talent as an actor and director.

He completed his education in acting from well known, reputed institutions of London’s Central School of speech and drama and did his theatre education from the University of London. He did a lot of theatre in his early years of acting as he toured with Caught in the Act and Soapbox Theatre companies. In 1994, he focused on sharing his talent by educating and training more people in the field of direction and acting. Sondhi wished to invest all of his time in the entertainment industry and thus completed his career as an Associate Professor in 2013.

Since early 2014 he became a professional actor and contributed in movies that got huge recognition. He first worked in Absolution in 2014 where he played the important role of John. In 2015 he worked in Sucker, a comedy directed by Ben Chessel. In 2018 he worked and starred in Tidelands Television shows. He appeared in Home, Orphans of L’Attente and don’t trust humans. Lately, in collaboration with well known Indian actors and directors such as Naseeruddin Shah Naseeruddin Shah is an experimental actor and asso >> Read More... Naseeruddin Shah and Neeraj Kabi Neeraj is an actor, trainer and director. He was t >> Read More... Neeraj Kabi , Dalip Sondhi’s institution SDDS has been offering training programs in Mumbai.