Chinglensana Singh

Other names of Chinglensana Singh: Sana Singh, Chinglensana
Chinglensana Singh Hindi Actor
  • DOB : 27-11-1996
  • Age : 24
  • Star Sign : Sagittarius

Chinglensana Singh is a football player. His full name is Konsham Chinglensana Singh but is popularly known as Sana Singh or simply Chinglensana. He was born on 27th November 1996 in Manipur in India. He plays at the Centre Back position in the football team.

He currently plays for Goa football club at number 6 in the Indian Super League. In the early and initial days of his career, he joined Mahindra United in 2010, after which he entered Air India Football team in 2011. From 2012-2015 he was part of Tata Football Academy, and in 2015 he joined Shillong Lajong.

From 2015 to 2017, he played for Shillong and in 2016 joined Delhi Dynamos on loan. Since 2017 he is part of Goa football team. He is also part of the under nineteen Indian national football team. His interest in football began at the age of seven when he started playing the sport of football at the age of seven. When he joined Mahindra United, he was also part of the team that participated in Manchester United Premier Cup and won it in the year 2010.

He was part of Air India team in their under 15 football squad. In 2012, he joined the football academy run by Tata and played as a part of their under 17 and 19 football team. Under the Tata Football Academy, Sana Singh won the I-League under-19 format in the year 2014. He also played for the under18 Sheffield United squad when he went to Sheffield in England as part of an exposure tour.

Sana Singh became a part of Shillong Lajong in August of 2015 and soon after on January 4, 2016, he signed a contract to play under the Shillong team in the upcoming I-League. He made his debut in a match played on January 10, 2016, in the league, the first match of Shillong Lajong. The game against Mumbai ended in a draw with the scorecard showing 0-0.

Sana Singh joined Delhi Dynamos along through a contract for the 2016 I-League. His teammate Rupert Nongrum also joined the team. Delhi Dynamos was under the coaching of Gianluca Zambrotta at that time. Sana Singh made twelve appearances and played at center back.

Sana Singh featured ten times for the Goa football team and also played in the semifinals against Chennaiy. In 2016, he got the opportunity to go for a national preparatory camp where he went up to the Indian National team and played a friendly match with Bhutan in 2017.