Nandu Bhende

Other names of Nandu Bhende: Nandoo Bhende, Sadanand Atmaram Bhende
Nandu Bhende Hindi Actor
  • DOB : 1955
  • Date of death: 11-04-2014

Nandu Bhende, who was named as Sadanand Atmaram Bhende Atmaram Bhende is the unsung hero who revived the >> Read More... Atmaram Bhende , is popularly known as Nandu Bhende. He is known to have born in the year 1955 in Mumbai, a heavy streaming city in India and have passed away at the age of 58 on April 11, 2014. He is most famously known for his rock, pop, soul and blue rock music genres in music.

He is known to have introduced a different face of music and is heavily worshiped by youngsters. He was married to Usha and have two children named Akshay and Amrita. The rock, pop, hip-hop has just begun extravaganza when he stepped into the music field. He caught the chord of the audience heart and played to eternity. He is a very renowned singer, actor, musician and a songwriter. He was at the boom of his industry life rather his music career in the span of 1970-2014.

His labels are TIPS and HMV. Sadanand Atmaram Bhende was born to a great Marathi actor cum director Atmaram Bhende and Asha Bhende aka Lily Ezekiel. Nandu Bhende is known as one the pioneers of the rock music to emerge in India. In his early life Nandu Bhende worked as a singer, songwriter, music composer, theater artist, music director, etc., he is known to have many feathers in his hat. He sang with many bands such as Velvette Fogg etc.

He is in relation withNizam Ezekiel, who was damn famous. He was also seen with bands like Savage encounter, Nandu Bhende Rock Revues and many. His final performance was on March 27, 2014, which was performed at the Street Phoenix, Mumbai as a tribute to the Beatles. In the theater performances, Nandu Bhende is known to have acted in many and have received many appraisals. He was seen in the "Mack and the knife", "Threepenny Opera "and much more. His acting in the " Tommy Click to look into! >> Read More... Tommy " as a deaf, dumb and a blind guy scored a good response. His most remembered that's shows are "Hanky Panky", "Mine and Ours show", "The Fantasticks" and many numerous and great acting embedded performances.

Along with his musical career and theater performances, he has also worked as TV serial composer for numerous Indian serials. He is not known for his easy, lucky journey in his life like other celebs, but he is known for a line of peaks and pits. No doubt, that he was a blessed musician bit he was addicted to drugs, sex, etc. as a young teenager. But his paramount involvement in his career brought him all his fame and name. The book launched by a journalist Siddarth Bhatia conveys us the life of Nandu Bhende, where the book is named as "Indian Psychedelic: The Story of a rocking generation".