Avril Quadros is an Indian singer. She is a Mangalorean, first based in Mumbai and now in Bangalore. Quadros developed the passion for singing from a small age itself. She later grew up and developed the art of singing and become one of the prominent singers in India. Her unique voice has been honored by Princess Ann from the UK as well as many VIP in India. Avril has also performed abroad in almost five different languages. She is considered to be one of the very few singers who can sing in Hindi or English for all different categories of music including rock, jazz, classical, hip hop, Retro or be it the latest ones from Hollywood or Bollywood. Her performances are most enjoyed by audiences whether it is a live band, piano, live DJ or solo. She also has the capability to add a unique variety to an event that can be done only by her even in different genres and the languages in which she performs. Avril is considered to be the Voice behind the Bollywood film “Kaanchi:

The Unbreakable.” ‘Kaanchi: The Unbreakable’ is a 2014 romantic Hindi film produced and directed by Subhash Ghai Subhash Ghai is an Indian filmmaker, screenwriter >> Read More... Subhash Ghai . Avril and Sanchitha sang the song “Adiye Adiye” from this movie. Ismail Darbar Intro: Ismail Darbar is known for his expertise wi >> Read More... Ismail Darbar composed this song. Avril is also the winner of All India BITS Pilani Rock Fest. She has performed almost 600 events. She is trained in Indian classical music, Western music, theater, and dance. Her work for the film ‘Jugaari’ also got positive reviews in Bangalore and Kannada Film Industry. She is also known to be the first female in India to have a video release on VH1 and other music channels as well as in radios. We can also hear her voice in several ads. Currently, she is composing and writing lyrics also. In a recent music launch, she has stated that she would like to shift her base permanently to Mumbai.