Birthday: 1981

Jaivindra Singh Bhati is an Indian film industry producer. He has worked in films likes ‘Ishq Ka Manjan’ in 2017, ‘Umakant Pandey’ in 2019, and ‘ When Obama Loved Osama’ in 2018. His upcoming project is ‘Zila Gautam Buddha Nagar’. This web series is going to release in 2020. His debut movie was ‘Hum hai teen khurafaati’ in 2014. This romantic drama is directed by Sudish Sharma. He was born in 1981 in Greater Noida, India. He is the founder of Shape Entertainment Pvt. Ltd which is a film production house. He is currently living in Mumbai, India. He was the producer of the movie ‘Umakant Pandey..’ which was released in 2019.

Chanakya Chatterjee Hindi Actor

Chanakya Chatterjee

Chanakya Chatterjee is a well-known name in the Hindi film and television industry. He is a photographer, producer, director, and a cinematographer. This 42 year old was born to a Bengali family of Asansol, West Bengal on November 27, 1975. After having his primary education in Asansol, he did his Engineering from the Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology’s batch of 1993-1997. He was an all-rounder during his early days. Chanakya was the debate team captain; and the member of the school and college cricket and football team; literary head, editor of the college magazine and much more. He then started his career in fashion photography. After few years, he got bored with his profession, and began wildlife and travel shows as a director and cinematographer. He has done his shows in various places all around the world such as Tanzania, Hong Kong, Dubai, and India. Currently, he is living in Mumbai, Maharashtra. This talented photographer has worked with many entertainments and advertising industry such as BBM for Sify Ltd., Consultant film and entertainment on mobile Asia Pacific, media manager at Percept Group, etc. He has directed TV shows like "Yuchi Chala Chal" (travel), "Bindas Road Diaries" (travel reality), "Royal Rasoi" (lifestyle and travel), the episode of "Saavdhan India" and advertisements such as "Chings Secret" and "Smith and Jones Noodles." With the Percept Group, Chanakya was planning of buying and executing all the entertainment Media for all Percept Films, All Sahara One Films and many outside films. He was the advertising consultant to Harry Baweja, Ram Gopal Verma, and Nitin Manmohan; he promoted their films until its release. Chanakya was also the Content and Brand head for “” and “”. He was the Media Director at Starcom MediaVest Worldwide, where he handled films, celebrities, paid PR, and music. He was the Content Head at sify/ big bang media where he was heading acquisition & creation of entertainment content. Having lots of work experience, he is a well-established photographer and cinematographer of the contemporary entertainment industry. Chanakya has shot many documentaries on wildlife with is very much appreciated all over the country. He did modeling and acting in many short films as well as documentaries. His wildlife documentaries focus on saving wildlife endangered species. This displays his social awareness and his charity fronts. Currently, he is working for Nirvana Digital Private Limited in Mumbai creating viral brands as heroes within the content itself.