Hemal Thakkar is a celebrated producer who has significantly contributed to the growth of the entertainment industry.He remains a famous figure in the world of theater.His role in television is making waves in the entertainment milieu.Hemal is truly an illustrious talent whose positive impact is undeniable.His association with Paresh Raval in producing software for television serials has been very rewarding. Paresh and Hemal have a similar vision, which explains the positive outcome that results from their combined actions.

Hemal is born into a family of talented entertainers.His father is a theater actor,and his sister( Vaishali Thakkar Vaishali Thakkar is best known as Damini or Ammu o >> Read More... Vaishali Thakkar ) is a renowned actress.It will be reasonable to conclude that acting is an inborn talent in Hemal's family.Hemal and Vaishali had begun performing in several plays during their college days.This is when a production team led by Shobna Desai recognized this young talent, and provided Hemal the opportunity to act in his first play while in college.

Hemal is an actor,director, and producer who began his career in a play titled "And Pato" directed by Vipul Shah.He later devoted his energy to directing, and producing films. He has directed plays and television shows. He has been opportune to make different genres of shows on televisions due to his active contribution in creating soap operas. This talented producer always makes sure his audience enjoy diverse experiences from his shows. Shows like "Teen Bahuraniyan" and "Shubh Mangalam Savdhan" are making an impact in the entertainment industry.

Hemal is married to Shweta Thakkar. He has been an indispensable talent behind the successful creation of plays and serials in Gujarat. Hemal has proved over the years to be a creative force for the continuous growth of the entertainment industry.His rich repertoire of work is a testament to his passion, dedication and uncompromising approach to the art of entertainment. His movie banner titled "Playtime Series" provides plays and films to his audience. His passion for the entertainment industry started as a teenager.He enjoyed acting in theaters, and will not miss an acting session.

His unwavering love for acting provided the foundation for upward social mobility.He enjoyed watching shows, and wished he will have the opportunity to demonstrate his talent, by creating quality programs in a production house. The show "Ruk Jana Nahin," a 26 episode series, based in Allahabad is a masterpiece of this film icon. As the Creative Director for AIN TV, he ensured the creation of exciting and informative programs. Hemal contributed to the creation of a youth series called " Josh Click to look into! >> Read More... Josh " which unfortunately never went operational. He has a profound love for television and serials. His show titled "Laagi Hughes Lagan" has been the best landmark in his career.The high production value of this show, and its mesmerizing effect on the audience, has contributed immensely to the grandeur of the entertainment industry.