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Abis Rizvi has gained an experience as a popular Bollywood script writer and film producer. He has been the screenplay writer and co-writer of mega-budget hit movie like ‘Roar’ (Roar- Tigers of the Sundarbans) which was co-written by film director Kamal Sadanah Kamal Sadanah, started his film career in 1992 wit >> Read More... and produced by him. The film released in the year 2014 but gained popularity only because actor Salman Khan Salman Khan is a very famous Indian actor and a pr >> Read More... had launched the trailer of the film in Mumbai. Since, Salman has acted in Ek Tha Tiger Click to look into! >> Read More... - he was the obvious choice of many to release the trailer. The film also gave a message how to save inhabitants of the Sundarbans from the clutches of the white tiger. But as a producer and a story teller, the film showed man-animal conflicts which was never seen before in Indian cinema. The film’s stage and setting was great to watch. The script also demanded some graphic concepts and visual effects to pull the audiences. The film was different from several Bollywood films and the casting was very unique, which demanded new faces (hero and heroines). 

Both Abis and Kamal had to take online course in visual effects to shoot the scenes. In fact, to capture the scenic beauty of Sundarban, the film had demanded to take 800 shots with special effects. The film director Abis Rizvi had hired almost 150 international crew on board and an assistance of 300-member of the VFX team. After the filming was done, the producer took 12 months to edit the feature film. In addition, the producer had signed Resul Pookutty Resul Pookutty has climbed up the ladder with a lo >> Read More... to take in-charge of sound design, generating exact audio elements necessary for the script. After seeing the film, many critics have felt visual effects should be employed. The special effects were very much grounded to reality which had shown how technology is employed to the production value. In few of the shots that were taken in the film clearly tells how one can use visual effects sparingly and effectively to comply the character. It has been really surprising how technology has been employed to add production value. Abiz Rizvi has really done an incredible work on the technical aspects of the film.


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