Ganpatrao Deshmukh was born on 10 August 1926. He is elected as the head of Peasants and Workers Party of India (PWP). Past 54 years, he has been elected 11 times from Solapur district and hence is the longstanding Maharashtra Legislative Assembly member. In the year 1978, he became the minister under the ministry of First Sharad Pawar and then in the year 1999 he became the head of Congress-NCP alliance. He has won every State Assembly elections from the year 1962, except for 1995 and 1972 elections. He is regarded as the cleanest and most ideological politician. Recently he made a record of winning the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly election for the 11th time defeating even the candidate of Shiv Sena by 25224 votes. He has completed 50 years in the Assembly and was congratulated by everyone for this mark in his life.