Manohar Shetty is a Goa based poet, and has written about eight books. In Sahitya Akademi, he was a Senior Fellow and also in the Academy of arts and the letters, we can find his works in several anthologies. Manohar Shetty was born in Bombay (now Mumbai) in 1953 and educated in Panchgani. Manohar Shetty graduated from Bombay University in the year 1974. After his graduation, he started working as a journalist. He has been living in GOA since 1985, based in Dona Paula, a suburb home about seven kilometers from Panjim(Panaji). Manohar worked in Mumbai and Bangalore as a journalist as well and in papers such as Indian Express, Mid-Day.

Till now Manohar Shetty has written eight volumes of poetry namely: Morning Light, Personal Effects Living Rooms, Creatures great and small, Body Language, Domestic Creatures, Borrowed Time, A Guarded Space. Among the books edited by him are Ferrying-Short Stories from Goa, New Delhi, Penguin India,1998, Goa Travels 2014, which is a special edition of the Indian poets. We can find his works in many languages including Italian, Marathi and Slovenian. His works and evaluations are present in Modern Indian Poetry in English. His works have also appeared in The Baffler and the London Magazine, Poetry review and Wales, Chelsea(US) and many other areas.

Manohar Shetty’s poems connect with a world of perceptions and sudden realizations and do not show many states as it would imply. His poems have a stint of touch and texture which is outstanding for any young poet. According to A.K. Mehrotra, on the fourth book Personal Effects (2010), he said that he would read the poems slowly and imagine himself in the situation. He further added that the style of the anthologies that Manohar wrote remained same over the decades and got even more furnished than before.

He exclaimed that it was a pleasure having Manohar as an Indian poet. Shetty is present in Sudip Sen’s essay named “New Indian Poetry: The 1990s Perspective”. He saw Manohar’s poems as being controlled, and he said that Manohar has the capability to get in full control of the characters that he had used in his anthologies. K.Narayana of The University Of Hyderabad exclaimed that he was overwhelmed by Shetty’s capability to write magnificently about the little world that everyone knew. He could write his poems very passionately, and that is a gift that every poet would aspire to have.